Hatha Yoga

The meaning of Hatha in Sanskrit translates as; “Ha” to represent the sun and “tha” to represent the moon. This alludes to the opposites in our lives, such as the yin and yang, the light and darkness, the hard and soft, the vigorous and gentle, the push and the pull, the root and the rise.

Hatha yoga is about finding balance and the ability to hold the opposite of tensions in the mind, body and spirit. Feel supported as we explore sensation, mindfully and meditatively linking intuitive movement to breath cultivate balance both physically and mentally.

Beginning with pranayama (breathing) practice to focus on mental clarity and wellbeing, we will then flow in hatha style, mindfully, slowly and deliberately through a sequence to open our bodies, hearts, and minds before transitioning into slower supported postures with longer holds to explore greater self-awareness. Bolsters and eye pillows are used to encourage deep relaxation with guided meditation to end.

Verbal instruction, demonstration of postures, props, and modifications for all levels will be provided. This class accessible for all bodies, all ages and all levels. Music is used to cultivate a greater inner awareness and to help you leave feeling balanced, light, open and blissful.