Private Yoga

Enjoy a 1-1 session for tailored focus and attention. Private tuition is perfect for anyone new to yoga, those seeking to deepen their personal practice or for anyone needing specific help, perhaps those working with a physical limitation.

Maybe you would like to try a class but need some time first to gain an understanding of the practice, including some of the main postures and techniques for the physical aspect and any modification necessary for your unique body. This way we can create a practice that is personally suited to you.

Carefully curated physical postures, steady breathing techniques and calming meditations can be applied in a way that is fitting for you at this particular time in your life. Within this safe container, we can create a practice that is truly nourishing for you on every level.
Teachers: Ella Young and Ashley Marley

60 minute Private Classes
1-2-1: £65
2-1: £75
Private group classes available on request

To book a private pilates class:
please phone Avalon reception on 01756 692511 or email