Twister with a fitness twist
Let’s get back to basics. Let’s get functional. Let’s have fun!
At a glance, the P9 platform might seem nothing more than a mat with numbers and angles on it. But that’s the secret and the beauty of it, it’s as simplified training as it gets.
I design my P9 classes around all foundational movements. Your basic squat, lunge, jump, reach, lift, push, pull, walk and then add variables such as direction, driver, position, distance, height, duration, rate and load. I will then choose what type of movement we want to execute and use the example markers on the mat to create a variable movement that with each repetition changes length, width or angle.
To train in all planes of movement is nothing new. However, the simple practical implementation has been lost on the way. With the P9 platform I can make it both challenging and fun, so you can reap the benefits of a full training session without even realizing it.
This class will improve your motor skills, proprioception, mobility and flexibility, and your overall strength in all planes of motion.
A unique class which is lots of fun!