Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Ashley’s Californian-style Vinyasa classes are playful, fun and build stamina. ‘Vinyasa’ means ‘placing with awareness’. In these open level classes you will synchronise breath and movement as you flow through the postures and transitions. Ashley’s class will challenge you in their dynamic nature but also encourage you to smile as you move. Focusing the mind, building strength, flexibility to leave you feeling energised and inspired. The classes are set to modern music you can groove to, lifting the spirit to enjoy each moment. Ashley calls her classes a ‘gateway’ to Yoga – teaching without using unfamiliar Sanskrit names for those less accustomed to the traditional aspects of the practice. Join Ashley if you’re looking to challenge yourself, to pick up your energy and find positivity. Ashley’s intention is to inspire people to dig deep and engage the warrior that resides within. This is not your average Yoga Class!