The Life Club Presents: Conscious Cafe with Nicholas Haines

Feel good about yourself … by understanding who you are

17 April 2019

18.00 - 21.30

Every year countless self-help books are published sharing advice and words of wisdom about how to feel better about yourself. Or, how to be more confident, have increased self-worth or better self-esteem. They help us to navigate our lives, be better people and to step into doing our greatest work or fulfil whatever destiny we have.
Without a doubt, the advice we’re given in books, talks and via other forms of media help us to understand who we are and build us up.


The question is… Why do we struggle to feel good about ourselves in the first place? Why does that seem part of the human condition for so many people? Why is it sometimes only later in life we really seem to love who we are, and feel truly confident in our actions and thought? And why do some of us never really reach that place?


We have invited Nicholas Haines to join us at Conscious Cafe Skipton in April to share his experience and observations from almost 40-years of working with Ancient Chinese Medicine to explore why many of us struggle to have a depth to our self-worth and confidence.


As part of this conversation, Nicholas will share why he thinks it’s almost impossible for many of us to come out of your childhood with a good sense of self-esteem, and what to do about it.


Nicholas will be talking about our Energy types based on Chinese Medicine. If you’d like to find out yours before the Conscious Cafe event, then it’s freely available from his website.


Nicholas Haines is a Kindness Ambassador passionate about creating a world where Kindness is the common language and way of life. Everything he does is about helping people to understand themselves, and others, better. He is the creator of the The Vitality Test which he makes freely available via the Five Institute Website.


Nicholas has been involved with a diverse range of people and organisations including NHS hospitals, educational institutes, the United Nations and international governments to address issues around relationships, entrepreneurship, cultures, communication, diversity, empowerment and kindness.


His latest books are ‘The Story of Boxes, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’. Co-authored with Rúna Magnúsdóttir and The Art of Kind and Loving Relationships.