Corporate Wellbeing

At Avalon we offer Corporate Wellbeing Days and Stays for team bonding.

With expert guidance from our team of Wellbeing Guides sharing experiences of cutting-edge techniques to empower employees into a deeper understanding of wellbeing.


Choose from of our range of purposefully designed Corporate Wellbeing Days or work with us to create something bespoke for your unique needs. Help your employees realise their potential and navigate the normal stresses of life at home and work in a productive way. Wellbeing is holistically inclusive, preventative and is the new paradigm for health management.


Create an unrivalled Corporate Wellbeing experience. Stays available with seventy-five beds spread across our the sanctuary of the Broughton Hall Estate in beautiful accommodation. With conference spaces available in both modern and historic venues.


Avalon Corporate Wellbeing Programme

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Avalon Corporate Wellbeing Programmes

Happy, healthy employees create good businesses...


Help your employees to connect with themselves for self-development, to each other for harmonious business life and to nature to feel inspired, healed and replenished by the natural world.