Did you know that the heart has its own healing frequency? …

Did you know that the heart has its own healing frequency?

Research has shown that liquids move in certain patterns depending on the frequency that they’re exposed to. And with the human body being over 70% water, it’s not surprising that sound therapy can instigate such powerful healing on a cellular level.

It’s no secret that sound can trigger profound emotions – it’s why most of us have favourite songs, after all! Sound baths and healing modalities using singing bowls, gongs or kirtan (devotional chanting) take this one step further … Sound can entrain our brainwaves into deep states of meditation and relaxation, and sound frequencies correspond with particular points in the body, including the chakras, helping energy to move more freely through these centres, allowing us to experience greater vitality. The ethereal sounds and meditative states work alchemically to align us on a quantum level and connect us to source.

We know, for example, that the heart’s optimum frequency is 639hz. Or that 396hz can help us to feel grounded via the root chakra. It’s why regular sound healing can restore to us a deep sense of balance and wellbeing.

Each year, Avalon hosts a range of world-class sound therapists on retreats, as well as holding monthly kirtans and Alchemy Crystal Tones Sound Baths.

What’s your favourite type of sound therapy?

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