Joy Provision Presents: Love Spreads

Reboot, Recharge and Revive to Thrive Retreat

Friday 22nd - Sunday 24th May 2020

A weekend of nature connection, yoga, dancing, ritual, energy healing, psychotherapy and community.


"Let me put you in the picture
Let me show you what I mean"


Help us support you in journeying through self to discover the real you. Let love spread her arms around you as you lean into the magic and majesty of Broughton Hall Estate in the Yorkshire dales. A therapeutic wellness retreat run by therapists Emma Ferguson and Vicky Abadi



Want more connection to self. Have you lost sight of who you are and your place in the world? How many times have you tried to think your way through emotional problems? Successful??? It’s time to start listening to your body - that vehicle that really does keep the score. The weekend aims to get more connected to it so you can feel into who you really are. Come feel the love spread in you.


Spread the love


Live life fiercely and fearlessly
That's how we aspire to live. And we will show you how to do the same.
Wake up and grow up to this big beautiful and bold adventure called your Life.
Welcome to finally living it.


Booze. Sex. Cars. Gambling. Drugs. Promotions. Houses. Beaches. Porn. Celebrity. Power. Winning. Upgrading. War. Superheroes. Bigger. Better. More. “want want want/get more” we hear. Sold a dream and do all sorts in the pursuit of happiness…
Then comes addiction.
Then comes isolation.
Then comes depression.
Then comes medication.
Then comes numbness.

(and all of the above make misery for those around us)

And maybe then you start to think there's a better way.

Try Joy instead.



What's the story Morning Glory?
Based “Up North”, Joy Provision works to help people identify and remove the blocks to a Joyful life. We are passionate about creativity,  so we’ve devised a series of experiential one day and residential courses in Northern England, using music, dance and other forms of creative expression to facilitate relighting the flame that brings a joyful life.


We offer individual and group workshops/ therapy for loads of different things: recovery, relationships, business team building, and help for students.


This retreat takes place at the magnificent Eden on the Broughton Hall Estate Sanctuary.




Please email for more information and booking.