Life Club Presents Ivor Cummins: How a Low Carb Diet Can Greatly Improve Your Health

Monday 13th January 2020

18.30 - 21.30

Ivor Cummins, an IT specialist, based in Dublin is one of the global leaders in the campaign to review the dietary guidelines that underpin national nutrition policies in most countries.

Since 2012 Ivor has been intensively researching the root causes of modern chronic disease. His special focus is on cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity. He shares his research insights at public speaking engagements around the world, revealing the key nutritional and lifestyle interventions which will deliver excellent health and personal productivity.

His book with Dr Jeffrey Gerber entitled: “Eat Rich Live Long: use the power of low-carb and keto for weight loss and great health” is a first class summary of the scientific case for a healthy diet based on a low intake of carbohydrates coupled with a high intake of healthy fats.

Ivor has produced a series of excellent podcasts with many of the leading workers in this field of study. These can be viewed here:

Join us in the sanctuary of Avalon for a truly inspiartional discussion with Ivor on ways in which you can take control of your health, lose weight, prevent disease, and enjoy a long and healthy life. 

This talk is followed be a 2 day event where Ivor and Professor Verner Wheelock will go into much more detail. If you are interested in joining us for the event also then please see the listing in the events programme for more information.


We will start at 6.30pm with a light low carb supper which will be followed by a talk from Ivor Cummings. There will also be time for discussions and questions.
This event is in association with Professor Verner Wheelock and Low Carb Skipton


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Tickets cost £10 cash on the door.


Join us on Monday 13th January for an inspiring, informative and lively evening in a very safe and welcoming environment.

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