(will tear us apart)

Relationship and connection workship for couples

27 – 28 April 2019

Learn to find love for yourself and others.

Led by Joy Provision… Joy Provision work to help people identify and remove the blocks to living a full and joyful life. Passionate about creativity, they have devised a series of experiential one day and residential courses in Northern England, using music, dance and other forms of creative expression to facilitate relighting the flame that brings a joyful life. Love Again is hosted by Hoffman Process facilitators and therapists Emma Ferguson and Janet Burgis.



  • How you end up in relationships with certain types of people.
  • Why you experience extreme reactions to seemingly small things others say or do.
  • What’s leading you to feel bored, let down, isolated or unfulfilled.
  • When to spot and catch yourself repeatedly exploding, withdrawing, being needy or backing off, and anything else you do to that tears you apart from others and Joy.


We learn about relationships from a huge range of places, and people. We inherit gaps and damage. Sometimes we don’t even love or treat ourselves well.

You might be struggling with your partner, spouse, children, parents or siblings, or some other social connections or networks. Our relationship workshop will help you to discover more about what you do and how to do it differently.

Joy Provision offers a new comfortable social learning space for you as you create and transform your ideas, reactions and needs. After the relationship workshop, you will have a practical and real experience to take away as fuel for change.


A residential weekend staying in Eden on the stunning Broughton Hall Estate. Cost £1200 per couple.


via the Joy Provision website: CHANGE IS YOURS.