Awaken & Nourish Your Creative Self retreat held by Qi Gong Teacher, Sound Therapist, Creative Facilitator and Singer Songwriter Tallulah Rendall

Wednesday 1st - Sunday 5th July 2020

‘Creativity is innate within us all, we simply need to create the space to awaken and nurture that which is bursting to shine forth.’ Tallulah Rendall


The benefits of creative expression are not confined to any particular age, however many are not given the opportunity to be artistic as they move into adulthood. This retreat is a way for young and old alike to explore and express the creativity that is innate within us all.


Held at Avalon Wellbeing Centre, surrounded by breathtaking nature, Tallulah teaches movement, sound and guided visualisation meditations to explore the creation of space within and to support the cultivation of embodied heartfelt perception.  This shift in focus from the mind to the heart is the focal point from which we can all connect to reveal our creative self.



From these simple techniques we learn to draw forth that which lies in wait. It maybe a painting, a story, a performance, poem or even a song... We then delve deeper into refining the process, whilst also introducing confidence building tools that empower the individual to feel safe enough to share what they have created.


'Expressing ourself is a form of inner breathing, like sunlight emanating from within, that inspires the soul to blossom.” Mark Nepo


During this retreat we focus on three main areas of expression, in order to connect to the creative life force within:

  • Sound as a modality for both meditation (toning & mantra) as well as playful expression through song, harmony & improvisation.
  • Creative Writing - storytelling, poetry or songwriting depending on the individual.
  • Movement - Qi Gong, Yoga, Ecstatic Dance, Drumming Circles & Nature Walks.

We will also have nourishing downtime in the Avalon Poole Suite and many opportunities to explore the land and wild swim if you wish.


All are welcome to this retreat.

NO prior experience is needed. As this retreat has been designed to be accessible to all and to nourish the creative expression within us.


'These four days a really a time for deep nourishment of body, heart and soul and I look forward to journeying deeply with you all.' Tallulah Rendall


'I thought I’d gone to write a poem but what actually happened was a transformative journey of self-discovery and development that culminated in me performing a song I’d written - something I never thought would have happened. I went to sleep that night with a huge smile on my face and woke up feeling like a completely different person, it was quite a surprise when I walked up to the camp fire and found everything else was the same as the day before!

— Imogen O'Gorman


Group Singing Workshop

’As someone who usually only sings in the shower and is mortified to be overheard, I enjoyed Tallulah’s Harmonia workshop more than I could have believed possible! She is a wonderful facilitator, grounded, encouraging and loving. Under her guidance, I connected with my voice in a new way which I feel inspired to keep exploring and the whole group left the session humming and smiling’

— Rosie Pendlebaby - Togetherness Festival


'Tallulah is an extraordinary teacher and artist.  Her sound baths are unique in terms of the incredible beauty of her singing voice.  She creates and holds a calm, safe space for her clients to explore the healing power of sound.”

— Chrissy Sundt - Silver Linings Founder


'Tallulah's Singing Circles are held generously, gently, intuitively, skilfully, creatively and lovingly. She creates a welcoming, soft, juicy yet natural, effortless space, where her clear intention of holding and growing an accepting, non-judgemental, encouraging, nurturing space for EveryOne’s TrueVoice and TrueSelf can really be sensed. Timeless and eternal harmonies, prayers, blessings travel through our voices, supported by the beats of the drum, base of the guitar, offering inspiration, soul medicine, reminders of who we are/can be, ease, joy, beauty ~ whatever one might want or need to pick, receive. Magic and gifts, which belong to all of Us. We are all singers... and Tallulah is very generous and beautiful in supporting this experience.

— Angi

Booking Information


To bring your own tent / caravan and camp

within our beautiful sanctuary prices from £450


Guide Price from £560 all inc with accommodation within one of the beautiful holiday homes on the

Broughton Hall Estate Sanctuary. Both shared and private bedrooms are available.


Or for accommodation within the stunning Historic House 'Broughton Hall' guide prices are

from £760 all inc with dormitory, shared and private bedroom options.


For enquiries or to book your place contact our partners at Wellbeing Escapes