The Life Club Presents: Conscious Cafe with Gina Lazenby

A Sense of Belonging

25 February 2019

18.00 - 21.00

Having a sense of belonging is part of being human. It’s one of our most important basic needs.

Where is your strongest sense of belonging? To a church … an organisation… a tribe on social media .. extended family? Where is it that you feel most valued and recognised? Sometimes we can feel strongly connected to many people and many groups or ideas … then again, we might move through periods of our lives when we feel disconnected, separated and lonely. Are there times when you have drifted away from an idea or a group and lost your sense of belonging? What was it that took you away … and what brought you back?

Feeling a strong sense of belonging to a greater community not only stops us feeling alone, it brings happiness, motivation and wellbeing. What type of effort and practice does it take to build this connection? Being part of a community makes us feel safe and valued. What is it that draws us in to feel that sense of belonging? And of course we may feel that sense with several communities but is there one that takes precedence? What causes that to change?

Join us on Monday 25th February for an informal and lively discussion evening.

It's fun, informative and you make new friends.... it's all about connection
The evening format:

6pm Welcome tea & home-made cake, networking

6.30pm Opening

Introduction, discussion in small groups, sharing feedback.

9pm Formal close.

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