The Life Club Presents: Conscious Cafe with Malcolm Stern

Modern relationships … have you got the skills needed?

26 March 2019

18.00 - 21.00

Relationships have changed dramatically over the decades .. back in the day most people simply got married. Few of us got any skills training … roles were more clearly defined, divorce was rare and expectations were radically different. Where did we learn from …did we just model our parents’ behaviour? Were we influenced by the movies we watched and Hollywood’s idea of romance? Religion has also been a moral high ground that we have trouble matching up to.

Today, authentic communication is what is needed but are we fully prepared for that? Mutual understanding seems to be a rare gift in a modern relationship. Psychotherapist Malcolm Stern realised the deep need we have for learning how to be together over 20 years ago. Since then he wrote his book Falling In Love/Staying in Love (Piatkus 2004) and his experience working with groups and individuals led him to be the co-presenter of Channel 4’s prime time relationship series Made For Each Other in 2003-2004.

We have invited London-based Malcolm to join us at Conscious Cafe Skipton in March to talk about what he calls “The Alchemy of Relationships” and share how we can develop the necessary skills to transform our relationships and to, as he puts it … “navigate the tricky terrain in order to create upliftment and beauty with our partners.” He will also discuss how to create sustainable practices to up our game with ourselves as well as with significant others.

Malcolm is Co-Director and Co-founder of the ground-breaking Alternatives at St James’ Church in London which has brought in top speakers from the human potential movement, from around the world for the last three decades. He has a gift for creating environments of trust, integrity and community, where participants can become skilled in relationships, communication and managing difficult conversations.

Join us on Tuesday 26th March for an insightful presentation and informal and lively discussion evening.

It's fun, informative and you make new friends.... it's all about connection
The evening format:

6pm Welcome tea & home-made cake, networking

6.30pm Opening & Introductions

Presentation & discussion, Q&A, sharing feedback.

9pm Formal close.

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