The Life Club Presents Conscious Cafe: Your Awesome Brain

Tips on How to Use it's Power with Dr David Paul

Wednesday 5 June 2019

18:00 – 21:30

By now you might have realised that your brain is an absolutely awesome tool and yet the deeper the studies made by 21st century neuroscience, the more we are finding that there is so much untapped potential … right inside in our own heads. We would be wise to get better acquainted with it for both our mental and emotional wellbeing as well as longevity.


Dr David Paul, an expert in complex change based in Sydney, Australia, is visiting the UK soon and Gina Lazenby has invited him to join us for this special event. He is not a medical doctor but a specialist consultant who researches how people can handle complexity. And it would be an understatement to say that the world is getting more complex all the time.


From his teaching of nearly 30,000 business execs through their MBA programmes, to advising government world leaders at the highest level, David has come to understand human capabilities and the capacities we have that are underused. David quotes IBM as saying our mental capacity usage is like having £trillion while only using £2000 of it. David says “We can handle far more complexity than we think. Our brain is the most powerful tool we have and we need to learn how to utilise it better”.


David will be sharing how we can avoid news overwhelm. Too much negative news is bad for us and we are in danger in becoming immune to the big problems in the world if we don’t take careful action. He will talk about how we can create space for clarity and how we can shift from having our brains in idling mode to being fully engaged.


Join us for this very very special evening with Dr David Paul, one of the world’s leading leadership consultants, sharing his insights for how he gives wise counsel to CEOs and Heads of State in both northern and southern hemisphere on change, resilience and sustainability in private & public companies and Government and non-for-profit sector. He wrote a book on the current economic environment called ‘Life and Work’ and has a PhD in large scale, complex change.


This will be a thought provoking and practical evening with exercises.