The Mayan Elders Experience, Wisdom Keepers

Monday 2nd September - Thursday 5th September 2019

A very special retreat in one of the UK's most beautiful locations. A wonderful once in a life time opportunity to discover and uncover great levels of your human potential, leaving you empowered, aligned to your spirit and deeply energised to bring greater degrees of blessings into your life and family.


The Mayan Elders are spiritual leaders that carry Ancient Wisdom past down for thousands of years on how this universe really works, so that you can live a better life with less agitation, more Love and deep faith with in yourself.


Healing unconscious blocks, negative patterns of behaviour, as well as ancestral karma. Deepening your connection to your divine self, opening your heart, joy and bliss. Feeling one with the ALL, receiving peace in the mind and rejuvenation of health in the body. Balancing and aligning your chakras so your wellbeing and ability to manifest increases rapidly. Your future self for many years will thank you for attending.


Ceremonies last 2.5 - 4 hours; these are tuned with the shamanic time and are therefore in the evenings. You can purchase a day pass though to fully embrace the experience we recommend to stay overnight at our venue.




Cacao ceremony brings us together to sit down, open our hearts and practice the ancient Mayan ritual. It is the time of calling the 20 archetypes with songs and invocations. Together we will create a "Drink of the Gods" which will bring us health, spiritual force and introspection.

 Cacao for Mayan people has always been sacred. It has ability to take us to our own underworld called Xibalba and to find there our deep hidden feelings and to explore our inner life. It is a ceremony that heals our relations. We will focus on strong signs and ask for blessings for our lives and lives of others.

 All instruments are welcome. You are advised to bring your personal sacred items, such as talismans, stones etc. to place on the altar.

 This cacao ceremony will include feminine and masculine seeds of cacao which is very unique to this particular tribe - Tz'utujil Mayan people from Guatemala.




This is one of the first and most important practices we can meet among Mayan People. It is usually celebrated under the open sky and in special places, caves. It’s also being made in places which need healing.

 Mayan sacred fire is one of the most powerful medicines known to this tradition. You can put to fire your sickness, ask for support and leave everything, which you don't need anymore in your life. Being near the sacred fire of Mayan ceremony can change us; guide our thoughts to peace, happiness, respect for each other’s and understanding.

 This ceremony unite races and languages and is reminding us about existence of powerful forces of nature, which are being called together with 20 Naguals. 
It is good to take with you some precious personal items for ceremony (for example amulets, figures, souvenirs). According to the tradition, these objects purify and are being filled with harmonious energy during the ceremony. It is recommended to write on a piece of bark, candle or leaf your personal intention, prayer, which could also be offered to the fire in the special moment of ceremony.

All instruments are welcome. During the ceremony we will hear traditional songs and live instrumental music.




Tobacco in indigenous traditions has always been considered a sacred plant. It served and still serves mainly as a tool for communication with the Great Spirit and as a medicine. Much of the knowledge on how to use it properly has been lost or hidden so that it can now come back. During the workshop we will learn tobacco work techniques and hear about the culture of using this plant during the Mayan Great Civilization. Each participant will be able to personally try to work with holy tobacco under the watchful eye of elders. We will learn how to use it for health purposes and how to meditate with it. The workshop is open to anyone who is over 18 years old and no one is obliged to smoke.





Teaches the way how to perceive reality, the world from perspective of an ancient mayan knowledge. It is a lecture about the elements, ancestors, use of mayan calendar, energies in the body, their rituals, practices. It is a deeper introduction to the work you will experience as part of the retreat.




Many of our present thoughts, feelings, actions and events happening to us, have a starting point somewhere in the past. Our eternal traveling soul remembers experiences that can still affect our present decisions and the quality of life. The goal is to truly and fully release every cause of suffering and attachments of the past, to recognise what influenced us and become free from it. It is time to lay down the burden of what no longer serves us.

 With the use of regressive state of mind we are able to come back to the memories, emotions, tensions and release all of it consciously. This particular method uses old simple shamanic techniques together with the knowledge of modern psychotherapy to take advantage of both: native wisdom and occidental discoveries. By the power of breath, sound and guidance we are able to tap into the past situations, including past lives and prenatal state to release all the traumas, shocks and tensions. It helps to change the patterns of subconscious mind to be able to develop new, fresh ways of present life.

 This workshop will be guided by Tommy Harevis, polish therapist and musician. He's been working with regression therapies since the early childhood thanks to his family and the presence of the teachers.

 You are welcome to come and bring all your past experiences with you. You are used to carry it around anyway. It is a good time to get into the deep spiritual cleaning, release, rise up, and walk free in beauty.

Who are the Elders?

Tata Pedro Cruz is a traditional Mayan Ajq’ij and Day Keeper, and one of the principal authorities of the Council of Mayan Elders of Lake Atitlan. He received the title, “Heart of the Lake Atitlan” K’U’XYA, by his fellow Mayan Council of Elders and Tz’utujil people. His teachings include Mayan culture, cosmology, the sacred calendars, and the ancient oral wisdom of the Maya.


Nana Marina Cruz is a healer from the Tz´utujil Tribe. She is a spiritual guide of the old traditions. The daughter of Tata Pedro works not just as a healer and therapist with natural folk methods, but also as a ceremonial leader of fire, tobacco, cacao and sweatlodge. As a propagator of Mayan wisdom, she’s active towards preserving the Mayan language, culture and spirituality is teaching native mayan languages.


Tata Mariano de Leon 61 years old, Maya Kiche, known as Tata puro, because of his strong connection with tobacco, performs tobacco ceremonies, traditional Mayan Day Keeper, healer with tobacco, member of the commission and definition of Sacred places in Guatemaya.


Tata Juan Ismael Ixcol Perez, Mayan Kiche known as Tata Joven, he began his spiritual journey from an early age. He is a spiritual guide, traditional Mayan Day Keeper. He leads fire and tobacco ceremonies.
 He is a bone healer. Walker for life and peace in the world.


Tommy Harevis is a polish flutist, multi-instrumentalist, traveler and composer. Fire keeper and day-keeper. Inspired by native cultures, he creates highly atmospheric music using ethnic instruments from all over the world. In his musical output he already has 10 albums recorded solo and with other musicians.

They all provide one to one healings on request.


Monday 2nd September

17:00 Opening, invocation of ancestors, energies. Circle of intentions.

18:30 Supper

19:30/20.00 Cacao Ceremony


Tuesday 3rd September

7:30 Exercises led by Mayan

9:00 Breakfast

11:00 Mayan Cosmovision workshop

13:00 Circle of questions and answers

14:00 Lunch

16:00 Meditation and healing with Mayan tobaccos

18:00 Supper

19:00 Traditional Mayan fire ceremony


Wednesday 4th September

7:30 Kundalini Yoga with Lazo Freeman

9:00 Breakfast

11:00 Shamanic regression with breathwork

14:00 Lunch

16:00 Lecture about the Mayan legends and tales

18:00 Supper

19:00 Cacao ceremony* with Tobacco medicine (hapesito)


Thursday 5th September


One to One private healings on request

Time to enjoy the Wellbeing facilities  and Pool Suite at Avalon


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