Yoga, Journaling and Stillness for the Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice is the midway point of the year, the longest day, and the shortest night; its energy and radiance is pregnant with a sense of possibility and space for joy.

As the sun appears to stand still before its light begins to move in the opposite direction, we too can stand still, take a pause and reflect – on the present, as well as the past and the future.

With the energy of the Summer Solstice, we honour the yang aspects of life: the Sun, heat, dynamic movement and intention. We also remember and invite the yin: the moon, cool, stillness, reflection.

To mark this special time of the year, this workshop balances together these energies through the combination of hatha-inspired yoga, meditation, pranayama, chanting and journaling; moving through uplifting postures, movement and singing; to stillness quiet and reflection.
In Ayurveda, the sister health-system of yoga – this balance is the key to good health.

The workshop lasts for two hours, including tea.

Yoga, Journaling and Stillness for the Summer Solstice