Science and Consciousness event here at Broughton Sanctuary,…

Science and Consciousness event here at Broughton Sanctuary, UK – 14-18 November 2021 ✨

The Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research lab carried out groundbreaking research for 28 years into how the human mind was able to interact with the world around it, often outside of our standard notions of time and space ✨

The equipment from that lab has now been shipped to us in the UK where it will be used for a public space so people can directly experience the nature of their interconnectedness with the rest of life ✨

Brenda Dunne who managed the Princeton lab will join other researchers and practitioners to discuss their findings and the implications. The event is open to the general public ✨

• Have a direct experience of your mind influencing the world around you with technology developed at Princeton University
• Take part in a Remote Perception experiment where you send and receive information from other people outside of time and space
• Meet Brenda Dunne who managed the lab for the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research, hear her story of the 28 year program and the conclusions she has drawn about the nature of reality
• Meet and engage with other scientists and researchers in the domain of consciousness studies
• Learn how we are fundamentally interconnected and why that is so critical for our times today
• Enjoy the beautiful and transformative Broughton Sanctuary, with its stunning nature and transformational Avalon spa and retreat centre ✨

For further information and booking please DM ✨

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