Ashley Marley

Yoga Teacher

Ashley has always had a strong connection with the beautiful ways of life. Ashley grew up in Lake Tahoe, California, spending much of her time surrounded by nature and learning with fascination alongside her family and local community about ancient Native American traditions. Ashley is an inspiring soul who consistently challenges herself; she has worked in Lake Tahoe as a firefighter and in Los Angeles as a Yoga and fitness instructor. During her time in LA Ashley gathered an abundance of experience from working in and visiting some of the most cutting-edge Yoga studios in California – a known hive for Yoga and alternative seekers. Her strength and breadth of experience makes her an uplifting and positive influence – and truly embodied teacher. Leading Californian-style Vinyasa classes which are playful and build stamina in a light-hearted way. Ashley’s intention is to inspire people to dig deep and engage the warrior that resides within. Most importantly the class encourages you to tune into the rhythm of your body and to respond to the call of your heart.