Catherine Asta Labbett

Female Focused Psychotherapist


Catherine Asta Labbett is an award winning female focused Psychotherapist who transforms women to achieve full on disco ball sparkle! She works with women all over the UK and beyond.

Over the last four years, Catherine has helped to transform hundreds of women and has featured on BBC Business, CNN and as an expert contributor in Women’s Health Magazine, Telegraph, Grazia, Boots Magazine, Huff Post, Virgin and is a regular contributor to national BBC Radio. You can also find her as the resident psychotherapist on the Stephanie Hirst weekday slot on BBC Radio Leeds.

She is a person centred therapist (which means her approach is tailored around you) and she uses an integrative approach (which means she is trained in a number of different models and approaches) a combination of CBT, Psychoanalysis, Narrative Psychology, Mindfulness and Coaching – add to that her skills as a BIG thinker (she’s an ex-NHS Strategist) and as a successful entrepreneur (she’s also the CEO and Founder of Girl Tribe Gang) – which when combined is really powerful stuff. Catherine is licensed to practice with the National Council of Psychotherapists.

Being able to simplify what goes on in your head is a key part of her transformational approach, because once we understand something, we can change it. You possess that power and Catherine shows you how. It’s a winning combination.