Cerin Rees

Fitness & Personal Training

Cerin’s natural love of being active started young, playing outdoors to find new places to explore and use his fitness, strength and flexibility to the fullest extent. After learning Shotokan Karate aged seven, he discovered the natural prowess for teaching and began to pass his skills onto other children aged twelve. This lead him to teach groups of children and adults throughout his teenage years. From these early inclinations towards teaching and fitness, Cerin was motivated to study at degree level to gain qualifications in personal training. He works with people of all ages – children to seniors –  assisting with a wide variety of physical needs, from those without limbs, those with heart conditions or chronic arthritis to those who can only be described as being incredibly fit and healthy. He takes clients from GP referrals and he has trained in working with people with neurological conditions. He also takes classes for those that have had strokes, suffer from Cerebral Palsy or Parkinson’s Disease, in order to nurture his clients and help them improve their functional movement. Cerin is a very special personal trainer with a breadth of experience and knowledge that anyone – any age or ability – would find motivational, enjoyable and help them live better lives.