Jennie Clegg

Mizan Therapist

Jennie has always wanted to work with women, and loves to. First starting her career in Midwifery then going on to volunteer at a Domestic Violence Centre for women,she has now trained as a Doula to provide holistic support for birthing women, then continuing on to train as a Hypnobirthing Practitioner. When Jennie came across Mizan Therapy training, she felt it would be an excellent treatment to add to her skills. Whilst training Jennie felt she had found what she had been destined to do. Working with amazing women, listening to their stories and being able to physically help them with a gentle nurturing treatment simply ticked Jennie’s every box. Mizan Therapy is for all women no matter what stage of life, what trauma you have been through or what surgery (if any) you have gone through – Jennie is totally in awe of all types of woman. Her treatment including massage, for example, has women coming for many different difficulties and reasons, but every single reason is answered with a positive reaction in some way. It is a joy and honor for Jennie to be part of our nurturing and healing journey here at Avalon.