Nitya Mukta

Nitya Mukta

Kirtan Leader

Nitya Mukta (Julia Carr) was drawn to her spiritual path nearly 20 years ago through life events both beautiful and challenging.

Initially coming to meditation in search of inner peace Nitya Mukta visited a Buddhist Centre for a retreat in the late 1990’s, in the first teaching upon hearing the words ‘Happiness Depends on the Mind’ she was deeply moved and realised there was a different way of life that she had not yet experienced, she moved into the Buddhist community and stayed there for over 10 years, living for 8 years as a Buddhist Nun. During this time she gained deep experience of meditation, chanting, long retreats and silence, and both studied and taught the teachings of Buddha and Buddhist Meditation.

Upon leaving the Buddhist Centre Nitya Mukta continued her spiritual journey and meditation practice which eventually led to the practice of Yoga, initially training as a Yoga and Meditation teacher and studying Ayurveda.

It was Bhakti Yoga and in particular the practice of Kirtan that really made her heart and soul sing, finding it an accessible way to reach deep states of stillness, joy and peace.
Wanting to explore this further Nitya Mukta completed a Yoga of Sound training course in 2016 / 2017 and it was during this time that she learnt to play the harmonium and started leading Kirtan, she has had a regular practice of Kirtan and chanting since, experiencing many benefits and insights from this practice.
In 2018 she deepened this experience with a 200 hour Kirtan training course with pioneering Kirtan Leader Nikki Slade in London and has led regular group Kirtan sessions since graduating.

Nitya Mukta feels blessed to have the opportunity to share this wonderful practice of Kirtan which is both simple, yet profound.