Razvan Pasat

Fitness & Personal Training

Razvan is a true believer that our body is our best asset. Indeed, we must attend to the body’s continuous development, health and wellbeing in order to fulfil our full potentials. As a  young man, times and circumstances did not allow Razvan to go professional with any of the sports he loved to play, but many ears and diplomas later, from having owned a business, to an education in economic and an MA in Management Law, Razvan did not feel complete. Realising that in order to achieve more, feel better and perform at his highest potential he must first optimally connect both with his body and mind, so it was that Razvan trained in Kickboxing and went on to undertake qualifications in Personal Training and Procedos P9. Areas of expertise include weight management, muscular hypertrophy, postural alignment and functional training.

Razvan is aware that this is a life learning continuous process ,and he remains fully committed to the idea of never ceasing to absorb information, as well as always paying it forward to the best of his abilities. Experience shapes us, mistakes build us and people we cross paths with refine us. All three together build our character and way of thinking. Sometimes we just need a little push in the right direction to put everything in perspective and get where we want to go. Razvan can be that person for you!