Sarah de Nurtcheylo

Sarah de Nurtcheylo


In today’s world, green spaces have been replaced by urban structures, crowded places, and polluted environments. This has put us under unwanted pressure physically and mentally; we are seeing that chronic illnesses, stress, anxiety, depression, hypertension, sleep issues, and many other ailments are on the rise.

The aim of nature-based therapies and wilderness work is to give people the confidence and tools to reconnect with nature, to restore health and wellbeing and to learn more deeply about yourself with nature as your teacher. After all nature has survived millions of years always restoring its balance – it has so many things to show us!

Qualified with a Diploma in person centred counsellor skills and using an integrative approach, Sarah combines this with many years of experience working as a Forest School Practitioner, natural craftswoman, meditation teacher, story worker, illustrator and outdoor nurture space designer.

Sarah has a warm, welcoming, authentic approach to clients and caters for every person and group seeking to meet individual needs. Using all of her experience and skills she aims to take you on a deep, personal nurturing and transformational journey into nature where you will work together with tailored exercises involving deep sensing, wilderness walking, nature-based meditation, wild swimming, wild crafting, story work, ceremony and fire.

Within Sarah’s work she provides one-to-one Nature Therapy, Wilderness Wellbeing for Groups and ‘Natural Business Ecology’ for teams. If you would like to get closer to nature, improve your mental health and wellbeing and/or develop better connections with yourself and others, then working with Sarah would be a good choice for you.