Shalini Cameron

Yoga Teacher

Shalini’s holistic yoga practice of postures, meditation and philosophy is an integral part of her day where she is in practice both on and off the mat. After seeking yoga as a practice to improve her physical and mental wellbeing, and discovering many breakthroughs she decided to become is a fully qualified yoga teacher. Crediting yoga and the lifestyle shifts she made along the yogic journey for her improved health and wellbeing, Shalini aims to share the healing power of yoga with others.

Shalini aims to combine a fusion of East and West through the acceptance of what is, the teachings of Classical and Tantric yogic philosophy and Carl Jung’s depth psychology. With a background in teaching Psychology and counselling she has a keen interest in the “HOW” and “WHY” Yoga works. Her workshops incorporate yogic, neuroscientific and psychological perspectives to wellbeing. By sharing spiritual themes, scientific research, and anecdotal evidence, Shalini works to bridge the gap between the ancient wisdom of yoga and the modern science of human psychology. Her aim is to help others bloom in life through nurturing the mind, body and spirit both on and off the mat.