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Crystal Healing

Crystal Therapy allows the client time to relax providing a positive effect both physically and mentally, enabling overall well-being. Regular treatments provide a cumulative effect, benefiting not only health but also leading to the strength to make changes within your life. Crystals can restore and renew energy. During a treatment the client remains fully clothed whilst laid on a treatment bed, a crystal grid is placed around the bed, crystals will then be placed on and around the client. The therapist then uses crystal wands, spheres and pendulums within the client’s aura (the client’s energy field). The aura is cleansed, then scanned to find areas that need deeper healing work, the aura may also be massage with crystal spheres, eggs or wand. Chakras maybe balanced using a crystal pendulum. At the end of the treatment the aura is smoothed and sealed and the client is gently grounded.