Female-Focused Psychotherapy

Sessions with award winning Psychotherapist Catherine Asta Labbett, Founder and CEO of Girl Tribe Gang.

Catherine uses person centred therapy with an integrative approach; an approach tailored around each individual using a range of models and approaches. Catherine draws on a combination of CBT, Psychoanalysis, Narrative Psychology, Mindfulness and Coaching.

Psychotherapy sessions with Catherine are a perfect choice if you’re looking for support, help in changing direction or just feeling a little lost… Lost in the fear of not knowing what to do with your life. Lost in who you are and where you are going. Lost in the present and fearful of the future… Sometimes you have to lose yourself to find yourself again. That’s how the magic of transformation happens, and it just so happens that getting you back on track to FULL ON DISCO BALL SPARKLE is Catherine’s speciality.

Sometimes, we all need a bit of help. Never under estimate the power of talking. Being listened to. Being understood. Off loading. Letting someone else in to help you find a way forward. A place where you can re-write a whole new story.