Indian Head Massage

This wonderful therapy began in ancient India and was used as a ritual for care and wellbeing within families. Techniques were passed from mother to daughter and father to son. Various massage techniques are used to release tension from the neck, face and scalp, working on specific pressure points and areas prone to carrying tension. This treatment can be performed without the removal of any clothing, with or without the use of oil and can be tailored towards increased energy or deep relaxation. Incorporating the traditional Ayurvedic head massage we also work the muscles of the upper back and shoulders, common areas to hold tension. This therapy can provide physical and emotional relief from tension and stress, restore muscle balance and tone, increase blood flow, remove built up toxins, help to reduce blood pressure, promote healthy hair and scalp, relieve tired eyes and restore balance and calm.
Express session (30 mins): Includes work on the upper back, shoulders, neck and scalp with energy re-balancing
Full session (60 mins): Includes work on the arms, hands, upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp and face alongside energy re-balancing.