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Mizan Therapy

Mizan Therapy is a form of traditional reproductive system healing that is gentle but effective. Mizan involves massaging the abdomen to improve the flow of circulatory fluids of the blood, lymph and nervous systems to strengthen the muscles and ligaments that hold the internal organs in their optimum positions. Mizan relieves congestion and helps to remove blockages to stimulate physical, emotional and digestive health and wellbeing.

Whether you have digestive problems, PMS, or are pre-pregnancy, pregnant or post pregnancy, menopausal or without your womb, Mizan works in a holistic way to free any blockages or previous traumas. Working to strengthen the ligaments and allowing them to heal whilst guiding the uterus back into alignment.

Jennie will teach you a simple self-care routine to do between appointments. It takes about five minutes a day, and can be done once you’re settled down in bed and ready for sleep – a lovely way to end the day, check in and do a bit of self-nurturing.

Nearly every woman, whether your womb is still with you or not feels the benefits from Mizan Abdominal Therapy. The improved circulation, lymphatic drainage and renewed movement of energy brings relaxation, a deep sense of letting go and healing.