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Natural Lift Facial Massage

This is a facial massage unlike any other – combining Japanese and Indian techniques. Using facial reflexology and acupressure to provide rejuvenation of the facial muscles and skin. Using a combination of techniques which work along the meridian lines and marma points to bring improved health to the whole body and revitalise the face, neck and scalp. Essentially this treatment is the equivalent to an acupuncture facelift without the use of needles. The techniques used in this session can balance the nervous system, improve the lymphatic flow to remove bacteria and toxins from the skin cells, whilst strengthening and toning the facial muscles. Promoting restoration to the elasticity of the skin, reducing fine lines, balancing and repairing the skin complexion to help reduce the aging process. The increased blood flow to the area allows the effective delivery of nutrients to the skin and balances chi, prana or life force energy. Leave with not only a radiant complexion but a sense of deep relaxation and inner peace.
30 minute treatment incorporates a simple holistic facial with a cleansing, toning and balancing massage.
60 minute treatment incorporates a facial cleanse, natural lift and energy re-balance.