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Personal Training

One of Razvan’s earliest memories is from his first day of school and the motto encrypted on the gym, “Mens sana in corpore sano”. It didn’t make much sense at the time but years later life taught him that our body is our best asset and therefore we must treasure it and address its continuous need for development, health and wellbeing. In order to do that we must really learn to know our body. Razvan believes in people; “Anyone can achieve anything with the proper mindset and guidance – fitness is no different”. Fitness has a very well determined role within your overall state of mind.

Razvan has vast experience in the fitness industry. He has worked with people of all fitness levels and ages, from fitness enthusiasts, amateur and professional athletes, either for wellbeing purposes, healthy lifestyles or sport performance. Razvan holds both the skill and the knowledge to help you reach your destination, whatever that is.

Being on both sides of personal training due to lower back surgery two years ago, Razvan found the recovery process an opportunity to further study, learn and apply all information on his body first. The experience gained through this process is invaluable and Razvan would like to pass it along to others in order to overcome whatever physical or mental obstacles they may encounter.

Razvan is a qualified level 4 personal trainer, fitness and Procedos P9 instructor. Main areas of expertise include weight management, muscular hypertrophy, postural alignment and functional training.

Razvan is dedicated to people and achieving results. He loves teaching and seeing people evolve, progress, reach and surpass goals, be it as one to one personal sessions or within group classes.