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Pregnancy Massage

A pregnancy massage is an amazing opportunity to create time and space for your mind and soul to relax. While preparing for the arrival of your baby, don’t forget to look after yourself too!

Harriet qualified as a pregnancy masseuse with Suzanne Yates at WellMother and as a mother of three children she is experienced in all areas of pregnancy so is able to create a bespoke massage depending on your needs. Harriet uses a mixture of massage strokes (long, slow strokes for example) similar to those used in a relaxing massage. Most pregnancy massages are done on the client’s side, using pillows to create a comfortable position.

The benefits of pregnancy massage may include:
– Eases aching muscles, particularly in upper back
– Improved circulation
– Helps with fluid retention in the legs
– Relieves tiredness and fatigue from the extra weight carried
– Helps you to relax from the pressures of the pregnancy and gives you a bit of pampering before your baby arrives