Sound & Energy Healing

Paris combines sound healing using the ethereal Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls with energy healing and various sensory techniques. These alchemical sessions work deeply on each level of our being by supporting and balancing our physical, emotional, mental and subtle energy bodies. The experience of sound, energy channelling and Aura-Soma Essences alongside guided relaxation takes you on a journey into aspects of your being; helping you to shed what no longer serves, connect within and step into a new space within your self. Sine waves are emitted from the crystal bowls as they are played and through entrainment facilitates shifts in our brainwave state. The exquisite sounds of the bowls take the brain into alpha states (relaxed consciousness) and theta states (meditative states of consciousness) whereby creating a fertile and receptive ground for meditative experience, self-healing and cellular repair acceleration. The crystal bowls emit healing vibrational properties which correspond to the chakras, energy centres in the body, subtle energy bodies, DNA, organs and cells. This is a unique and innovative experience providing space for you to feel held in which to experience alternate states and be transported into a greater sense of peace.