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Thai Massage

This is an ancient style of massage thought to date back to the time of the Buddha. Practised on a traditional Thai massage mat on the floor incorporating deep stretching, rhythmic compression, decompression of the muscles and activation of Sen (energy) lines on the body. A full body treatment designed to promote wellbeing by increasing flexibility, helping the body’s natural energy to flow and releasing physical and emotional tension.

This treatment can benefit all, from athletes to the elderly; helping to bring better body awareness, improved circulation, pain relief, improved neural function, increased energy, assistance with good postural alignment, strengthening of internal organs, relief from degenerative conditions associated with the ageing process, allowing for improved inner peace and mental clarity.

For this session clients are required to wear clothes suitable for a yoga class as they remain clothed for the treatment and need to be comfortable when being moved into different positions. Often referred to as ‘lazy yoga’ this treatment is beautifully transformational, creating a relaxed yet energised state of being.