Art of Being Retreat:
The Heartist's Journey

Thursday 16th – Sunday 19th June 2022

Broughton Sanctuary, Yorkshire, UK

Join yoga teacher and art therapist Lara Zilibowitz & mystical musician Benny Holloway on a residential immersion of rewilding body, mind, heart and soul.

Through movement, embodied meditation, creative amplification, sound therapy, bodywork and other yogic technologies of inquiry, the opportunity is awaiting you to reclaim the gifts that are yours alone to give as we re-member who you really are - your beauty, your joy, your artistry, your expression, as doorways into truth, healing and personal meaning.

There is so much more to who we are than what we know right now… we are, in fact, something entirely mysterious and all together magnificent. 

Although we may sometimes feel so inconsequential and so helpless, the truth is that we are each fully eligible and deserving of a rich and meaningful life, a mystical and ecstatic existence, a life of tremendous fulfilment and heartFULL service.

To enter that life, we need to undertake a journey as joyous and gratifying as it is confronting and courageous. A descent into the rhythm of your heart and the colours of your soul, to recover the sometimes never-before-seen treasures we were each born into this world to bring forth.

"Wow… I was not expecting such a profound and meaningful experience. When I booked the retreat - I thought we’d do some yoga, eat some yummy food, which we did… but we also did so so much more. Lara and Benny took us on the most incredible journey into ourselves. So deep, so lovingly and so intimately. I felt gently held in their facilitation as I literally entered a whole new way of being. Lara's poetic yoga and embodiment practices enabled me to connect with myself in an incredibly powerful and sensual way - beyond anything I had ever experienced. And Benny's voice and sounds spoke straight to my soul… I now feel an aliveness in my body that had been dormant for a very long time. The whole experience captured the essence of fully BEING ALIVE and in direct communion with my essence. Lara and Benny are the most extraordinary gifts to this world, and I will be forever grateful for this precious time in their company.”

Nicola Myer

Welcome to The Heartist’s Journey

A 3-night residential immersion with yoga teacher and transpersonal art therapist Lara Zilibowitz and mystical musician Benny Holloway, in the exquisite Avalon Wellbeing Centre and Broughton Sanctuary, Yorkshire, UK.

The Broughton Sanctuary is Britain’s leading Retreat Centre, fully dedicated and in service to deep transformational work to birth a new humanity. Home to a vast nature recovery programme and playground of rolling meadow pastures, ancient and new woodland, heather moorland, wild reservoirs, and meandering river. The map of the territory will span from embodied meditation, yoga and breathwork, vocal expression and deep sound journeys, shamanic technologies of dancing and creative art amplification to shift from our ordinary waking reality to altered states of consciousness where treasures of truth, healing and meaning reside.

Each morning will consist of meditation and long, breath-guided Body Poetry Yoga practices. After the morning session there will be a break to eat, rest and prepare for our creativity sessions, where you will be guided through techniques of colourful, unstructured PLAY with paints, clay and music.

The afternoon and evening sessions will be a blend of yin yoga, Zen Thai Shiatsu partner bodywork, shamanic dance journeys and transcendental sound therapy.

Our hope is to invite you into this immersion as an opportunity to carve out new neural pathways of rejuvenation and transformation, to come home to yourself, remember yourself, and EXPRESS YOURSELF on levels previously maybe never even thought possible.

Broughton Sanctuary,
Yorkshire, UK

The Heartist's Journey Retreat takes place at the beautiful Broughton Hall Sanctuary in Yorkshire, and accommodation across a series of beautiful Holiday Homes, as well as access to the start-of-the-art Avalon Wellbeing Centre, is included. With an exciting, large-scale nature recovery programme, an Historic Home, and over 3,000 acres of woodland, moors and wildflower meadows, Broughton Sanctuary is the perfect natural playground to discover whilst you’re here.

Example Flow

Day 1


Arrival and check in


Yoga & meditation into opening circle

7pm Dinner

Day 2


Yoga & meditation

10.30am brunch


The Power of Sound

1:30pm Lunch and break


Sauna and spas


Zen Thai Shiatsu massage

7pm - Dinner

Day 3


Yoga & meditation

10.30pm - Brunch


Creativity & expression

1.30pm - Lunch & break


Forest bathing


Sound therapy




Fire ceremony

Day 4


Yoga & meditation


Closing circle


Farewell brunch

What's included

  • 3 night’s accommodation in a series of fabulous Holiday Homes
  • 3 nourishing vegetarian meals per day
  • Daily yoga, meditation and evolutionary exercises
  • Daily live music and sound healing
  • Art therapy and creative amplification
  • Access to Pool Suite (inc. 20m Indoor Clear Pool, Sauna, Steam Room and Hydrotherapy Pool)
  • Access to 3000 acre nature playground including Wild Swimming Reservoirs and Mountain Biking.
Yellison avalon wild swimming

Pricing and Booking

Prices from £700 - £1,400.

Click the link below to select a room and book your stay.

The Heartist's Journey Retreat Avalon Wellinbe Broughton Hall Estate Lara and Benny