Awaken Your Creative Self

Thursday 2nd - Monday 6th June 2022

“Expressing ourselves is a form of inner breathing, like sunlight emanating from within, that inspires the soul to blossom.”

Mark Nepo

Creativity is innate within us all, however maybe you weren't encouraged or never found the time to nurture this part of yourself, be that in the form of story-telling, poetry, song, singing, movement, ecstatic dance, drawing or painting...

This is your opportunity to create space in your life to deeply nourish yourself and gain a deeper connection to your expression in a way that will build your confidence, empower you and support your emotional wellbeing. 

This five-day retreat is grounded in the practices of qi gong, yoga, dance, song, and sound meditations, to support the cultivation of embodied heartfelt perception. This shift in focus from the mind to the heart is the focal point from which we can all connect to our creative self. 

“Find the current and things will become clear, the way running water cleanses a rock”

 Lao Tzu

We will focus on the following practices in order to connect to this creative life force within:


Sound meditations (sound baths), as well as exploring or rediscovering the healing and soothing nature of our own authentic singing voices through toning, mantra, gentle song, harmony & improvisation.

Creative Expression Workshops

Storytelling, drawing, poetry, song, fire-side drumming.


Qi gong, yoga and dance.


guided meditation to help you to connect deeply within to your authentic self.

Nature Connection

Bask in Broughton Sanctuary’s majestic nature playground, from bathing in woodlands, to outdoor sharing circles, the fire temple, meditation labyrinths, wild swimming and more.

All are welcome to this retreat. NO prior experience is needed. This retreat has been designed to be accessible to all and to nourish the creative expression within us.


Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi said during his seminal TED talk in 2004, "When we are involved in creativity, we feel that we are living more fully than during the rest of life.

I woke up feeling like a completely different person

I thought I’d gone to write a poem but what actually happened was a transformative journey of self-discovery. I went to sleep that night with a huge smile on my face and woke up feeling like a completely different person, it was quite a surprise when I walked up to the campfire and found everything else was the same as the day before!

Imogen O'Gorman

Something magical took over in me

It is hard to express the impact on me of participating in your workshops. I came thinking “I’ll give it a go” but not really expecting to get anything, and then something magical took over in me. It was like something in me needed to be expressed, and in a different way to how I’ve been expressing it, a creative way.

Kirsty Hurd-Thomas

I love this woman!

I immediately felt welcomed by Tallulah’s warm and healing presence and with that I felt safe to explore my own unique expression. I love the pace in which Tallulah delivers her workshops, she creates space to digest and reflect on the gems she shares. I left her workshop feeling confident, capable and connected. I love this woman. I highly recommend her!


Knowledge, playfulness and a kind approach

Tallulah manages to build bridges and inspire young and old alike. Participants are invited into exploring their own voice at their own pace, and before they know it, they are experiencing their first collective improvisation! She brings a great combination of knowledge of her craft, playfulness and a kind approach.

Rosalind J Turner

I connected with my voice in a new way

As someone who usually only sings in the shower and is mortified to be overheard, I enjoyed Tallulah’s Harmonia workshop more than I could have believed possible! She is a wonderful facilitator, grounded, encouraging and loving. Under her guidance, I connected with my voice in a new way which I feel inspired to keep exploring and the whole group left the session humming and smiling.

Rosie Pendlebaby, Togetherness Festival

An extraordinary teacher and artist.

Tallulah is an extraordinary teacher and artist.  Her sound baths are unique in terms of the incredible beauty of her singing voice.  She creates and holds a calm, safe space for her clients to explore the healing power of sound.

Chrissy Sundt, Silver Linings Founder

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Find the Creativity Within

Creativity is innate within us all, however maybe you weren't encouraged or never found the time to nurture this part of yourself, be that in the form of story-telling, poetry, song, singing, movement, ecstatic dance, drawing or painting.

Arrive and Depart

This is a 5 day retreat, arriving from midday on Thursday the 2nd of June, with the opening circle at 4pm, and closing at 12pm on Monday the 6th.