Rewilding at English Historic Estate Retreat with Balance Holidays

5-day Programme

25th - 29th August 2022

Group Size: Up to 20 guests


We love it for:

Authentic Rewilding Experience, Privately Reserved 900-Year Old Country Manor Home, Wild Swimming, Barefoot Woodland Walks and Runs, Sound Healing 


  • 5-day Programme
  • Dates: 25th - 29th August 2022
  • Group Size: Up to 20 guests

Framed by moorlands and meadows, head to the English countryside to let go of your old, compromised self and learn new skills to promote a wild, connected and empowered version of you on the Rewilding at English Historic Estate Retreat. 

Leading Expert

Balance Holidays welcomes Tony Riddle as the leading expert on this programme. 

Graduate from a familiar surrounding and routine to a place of new pleasures and fulfilment on this special experience, which will bind the values of returning to the wild-nature to unlock your true potential. Rediscovering a naturally restful and happy state, immersed in true wilderness. That will also provide time and space for the mind to roam as far as the eyes can go. 


"Rediscovering a naturally restful and happy state, immersed in true wilderness. That will also provide time and space for the mind to roam as far as the eyes can go."

Activities and Workshops

Begin by dialling down negative emotions, ready to overcome personal challenges and enrich the connection to yourself and others in an Opening Fire Ceremony. Conducted by a guest expert who is a holistic voice coach and singer, the ceremony will include a mixture of practices infused with a poetic expression of sounds created by our voices will lead us to heightened self-expression and creativity. In this programme, the key focus will be awakening senses, grounding and correcting natural form and posture through exploratory movement and play. As well as igniting the excitement of being in the company of nature and forging new friendships with one another. Through a series of nature-immersive activities, Tony will be guiding individuals to explore a dynamic range of functional and engaging movements, anchored in harmony with the breath. These include barefoot woodland walks, runs, wild swimming, forest bathing and tree climbing. 

Find your place of calm within by pausing habitual thinking patterns and strengthening your inner-state through the breath in a Conscious Connected Breathwork workshop with an adept breathwork coach. A naturally instinctive and influential function to help us recalibrate, reset and find alignment in the present and day-to-day living. A Sound Healing Session is scheduled on a separate evening with a sound alchemist specialist to further encourage introspection and alignment with your true core being. Come together to reflect, offer gratitude and set intentions in a Closing Fire Ceremony. Rest time is equally as important. Generously spaced between activities and outdoor-adventures, take a nap beneath the trees or go on a gentle stroll for some personal downtime.

Philosophy on Food and Nutrition

Take this opportunity to also address compromised technology and food consumption patterns on this retreat. Each day, be presented with healthy, gourmet meals using locally sourced ingredients, specially designed by Balance Holidays together with Tony’s input. The use of artificial light will be kept to a minimum throughout this retreat, allowing our bodies to synchronise with natural light, limiting the disruption to our circadian rhythms and allowing deep nourishing sleep.

The Location

Sitting discreetly amongst 3,000 acres of land and embodying historical significance and heritage. The well-preserved Broughton Hall and its newly-refurbished Avalon Wellbeing Centre, where some of the programme activities will be held, will be reserved solely for the exclusive of attending guests across the full duration of the retreat.

What's Included

+ Wild Swimming

+ Barefoot Woodland Walks and Runs

+ Forest Bathing and Tree Climbing

+ Cold Immersion

+ Mobility, Movement and Flow Activities 

+ Breathwork Workshops

+ Sound Healing

+ Fire Ceremonies

+ Field-to-Fork nutritious meals

+ Accommodation and Toiletries

The Expert

Having been there and experienced the feeling of existing in a perpetual state of ‘making-do’, Tony Riddle strives to help individuals reclaim a sense of oneness with themselves and Mother Nature. His philosophy is anchored in the belief that we are each powerful human beings, in possession of everything to become the change we desire and to alter our current state of mind. His classes and workshops are built around the importance of nature because he believes, if we recognise that nature is missing from our lives, we can reconnect with it, fall back in love with it, and in doing so, enter a profound state of wellbeing. We are innately wild, connected and empowered beings. It’s time to rediscover your Human potential!

A Typical Day

7:00am - 8:00am: Mobility, Movement and Flow

8:00am - 8:30am: Outdoor Movement and Play

8:30am: Breakfast


11:30am: Forest Bathing


1:15pm: Lunch

Rest and Free Time

3:00pm - 5:00pm: Barefoot Walk, Breathwork and Wild Swimming


6:30pm: Dinner

7:30pm: Restorative Workshop with Guest Expert


Travel, Pricing and Booking

The closest rail station is Skipton Railway Station. You may book a car or taxi from outside the station, quoting the below address to bring you directly to the estate. Total journey time if local traffic conditions permit will be approximately 15 minutes.

Broughton Hall Estate, Skipton, Yorkshire, BD23 3AE

More information and booking: 

  • 5-day programme
  • 25th - 29th August 2022
  • Group size: Up to 20 participants
  • To book, please visit to book your spot!
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