Elevation Barn

UK Retreat

18th - 21st April 2022

Elevation Barn is a vastly diverse, creative and resourced group of over 300 experts from 16 countries, representing 42 industries. By stepping into this advanced acceleration, you become a part of an eclectic, global network that keeps you authentic, engaged and focused on what matters most.

The Elevation Barn unites inspired individuals from all walks of life, to celebrate and propel personal, business and grand impact ambitions.Together we enrich and support passions from a caring, intelligent and resourced perspective, to refine your clarity of purpose and set that purpose into action.

The Elevation Barn onboarding program has been designed to create long–lasting impact through a personal brand elevation process, crafted to offer clarity in what you stand for. The personal time, the break-out group sessions and the one-one reinforcement sessions are developed in the spirit of support, empowerment and confidence, where and when it is most effective for each person.

This Retreat experience is not to step away from the real world. It’s designed to refine how you show up to shape it: for yourself, your business, your community and the planet we share. This is your invitation to dig deep with the help of six peers to find, fuel and set your true purpose in motion.

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Our Process

We base our process on the following 4 key areas:


Fueling your values, super-powers and aspirations.


Building connection and depth with retreat peers to become refreshed and laser focused.


Enlightening new ways to hurdle old barriers. Learn to “Plus” others’ initiatives constructively.


You provide guidance and support to the other five members of your group, and receive theirs in return, enjoyed through our unique process.

Pricing and Booking

For more information visit elevationbarn.com/latest-events

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