Faith - Love - Devotion Retreat with Chandra and Surya Lacombe

Thursday 28th – Sunday 31st July 2022

Broughton Sanctuary, Yorkshire, UK

We are very grateful to be welcoming Chandra and Surya Lacombe to England for their first UK retreat. This promises to be a truly special experience and a highlight of our calendar this year.

Chandra and Surya are visionary spiritual leaders from Brazil where they have founded and run an Ashram, Matri Surya Linha Unificada. The work they do provides spiritual seekers the space to get in touch with their inner selves and follow the path of self-knowledge through psycho-emotional and spiritual support. Their Ashram is an environment of great faith where together with nature, propitious to deep contemplation, interiorization and self-knowledge, to create within each heart the omnipresent consciousness of God acting through everything and everyone… It in this way that we will create a field for faith, love, and devotion at Avalon for this long weekend retreat, to dive into what is yearning to be revealed and healed. We will create deep connection within, to the divine spark of creation that lives within us all to call upon the power of God to bring us the peace and inner evolution which is so needed on the planet at this time. In turn we will then be able this into our lives and ripple it out in our communities.

The retreat will include:
  • Kriya Yoga with Chandra.
  • Musical Oracle - in this session oracle songs which have been channelled by Chandra are sung for individuals helping to reveal what the unconscious wants to bring forth for healing.
  • Healing Circles - satsang style question and answer sessions with both Chandra and Surya.
  • Sacred Alignment Meditation offered by Surya.
  • Two uplifting Kirtans evenings led by Chandra.
  • Blessed Water Ceremony - assistance with physical and emotional healing with water blessed by God, offered by Surya through her prayer to God and laying of the hands.
  • Words of Faith from Surya.
  • Alchemy Crystal Bowl Sound Healing.



Surya is a being that expresses faith, love, courage, acceptance, and total surrender to the purposes of God. Her faith elevates her to God. This love for spirituality comes from her family, where she received from her parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles the support needed from an early age to express gestures and deeds, all love for God, working for a greater good.

When Surya was asked “why live like this, in this complete devotion”, she replies with a smile on her face: “If you see someone who is struggling to cross the street, will you not help? In the same way if someone needs some help to get through a difficult time in life, if I can, I will help".

"Life is short, and we need union with God in every moment, to do for our neighbour what is within our reach. We are one, a unit, humanity, What you do for the other, you do for yourself. Your spirit is grateful for the evolution you provide yourself."

These are phrases that demonstrate this dedication and love for the Greater Good through evolution.

Chandra Lacombe


Brazilian Kalimba master Chandra Lacombe has a unique voice, vision and way of playing his instrument of choice. The African instrument is central to his work, and Lacombe gained worldwide recognition by expanding its use. Traditionally the Kalimba is just used for its melodic function and is played using only the thumbs. Lacombe invented a different technique, using several fingers, and has turned it into a lap piano of sorts on which he explores harmonic textures and creates new tunes.

Lacombe's repertoire takes you on a journey of celestial sounds through original compositions as well as traditional mantras given contemporary arrangements. Though rooted in his native Brazil, showcasing elements of folk music, and a traditional African instrument, Lacombe is also heavily influenced by his connection to India through Santana Dharma and Kriya Yoga.

Throughout his career Lacombe has enjoyed international recognition and cooperation, recording his music in Brazil and Europe, performing and working with musicians and producers from all over the world. He communicates fluently, and is equally comfortable, with lyrics in Portuguese, English and Sanskrit.

Whether in the studio, or performing live, Lacombe allows his spiritually uplifting music to create a connection between himself and the listener. His aim is to guide you on a journey of healing, of the heart and mind, through celestial sounds. Musician-yogi who throughout his journey sought to unify teachings from various spiritual schools.

For more than 20 years Chandra has been developing a method of self-knowledge that is used through music to inspire a dive in the direction of the revelation of the individual's inner layers. Alongside Surya he forms a partnership that enriches the methodological basis of transformation of consciousness offered by Ashram Matri Surya Linha Unificada.


Sacred Alignment Meditation

This guided meditation aligns the subtle bodies and chakras and brings self-awareness.

We have one physical body and several subtle bodies, we are much more spirit than matter, however, we do not validate our spirit and much less the alignment between these bodies. This misalignment causes the disassociation between thinking, speaking and acting. Many of our misfortunes come for this reason.

So, through this Sacred Alignment meditation, we will connect your physical body with your subtle bodies, discovering the cause and effect and the possibility of self-knowledge, becoming aware of your energetic and spiritual imbalances, to align them daily, through strength of your will.

Musical Oracle

The Musical Oracle is a process of self-knowledge with a therapeutic approach where songs channelled by Chandra, rich in a type of message, are arranged and interpreted within an integrative map. Created to provide individuals with a deep psycho-emotional mirroring that, in turn, provides insights bringing clarification and understanding to spheres such as: spirituality, relationships, evolutionary cycles of consciousness with its inherent learning and the paths to the rescue of the True Identity.

Water Blessing Ceremony

Surya's prayer, made with devotion, love and faith, anchors this energy of divine love and descends upon all the Grace of God.

This ceremony, performed by Surya, is marked by the Faith and Love she has for God, feeling that all human beings are brothers and sisters and worthy of receiving this Divine Grace, which Heals the physical and emotional bodies and aligns the subtle bodies.  All are welcome, no matter religion or belief, it is intended for everyone who has GOD in their heart. In the opening, there is an awareness of the need that human beings have to hydrate their physical body with water. There are many benefits that this habit can bring and the diseases that can be avoided and cured, thus improving health and quality of life. Each one is asked to place their right hand over the pain, place in imbalance or over the heart, accepting the healing. It is common for some people to receive a vision of passages in their lives that need forgiveness/healing/love.

After this initial speech, more relaxed and informative, Surya focuses, getting in touch with his/her Divinity (Divine Presence, Higher Self, Holy Spirit... water and in all participants). Water is a conductor of electricity/energy, thus absorbing the power of prayer. IT IS NOT SURYA WHO BLESS THE WATER, IT IS GOD! Prayer with devotion, love and faith anchors this energy of Divine love and descends, upon all, the GRACE OF GOD. At this time, everyone receives the level of healing that they can already receive in this period of their lives.
This water can be taken and offered to family, friends, plants and animals. When half full, the container can be filled with more water. The energy contained by the blessing is renewed and transmitted to the water molecules that were added.

It is a gesture of Love that requires only FAITH and Acceptance! Faith that you can be or receive healing and Acceptance to be healed.

Retreat Schedule



Arrival and Orientation


Opening Circle

7pm Dinner




8.30am Breakfast

10.30am - 12 noon

Sacred Alignment Meditation

1pm Lunch and break. Woodland Sauna and Wild Swimming open 12 -3pm.

3pm – 5pm

Healing Circle

6pm - Dinner

7.30pm – 9.30pm


Session open to public




8.30am Breakfast

10am - 12 noon

Blessed Water Ceremony

1pm Lunch. Woodland Sauna and Wild Swimming open 12 – 3pm.

2pm – 4pm

Musical Oracle

Session open to public

6pm Light Dinner

2pm – 4pm

Healing Circle


8am - 9am

Gayatri Meditation

9am Breakfast

11am – 1pm

Words of Faith

1pm Lunch

2pm – 4pm

Session open to public

4pm -  5pm

Closing Circle


Departure with picnic

Broughton Sanctuary,
Yorkshire, UK

The Faith - Love - Devotion Retreat takes place at the beautiful Broughton Hall Sanctuary in Yorkshire, and accommodation across a series of beautiful Holiday Homes, as well as access to the start-of-the-art Avalon Wellbeing Centre, is included. With an exciting, large-scale nature recovery programme, an Historic Home, and over 3,000 acres of woodland, moors and wildflower meadows, Broughton Sanctuary is the perfect natural playground to discover whilst you’re here.

Pricing and Booking

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