Men Without Masks

Dates for 2023:

16th - 20th May
7th – 11th October
1st - 5th December

Take a trip through THE 4 POWERS OF MAN

Through self-inquiry, men's circles, embodied movement such as basic yoga, breath work, music, meditation, self-expression, and much more we will explore the 4 Powers of Man:

1) Lover Power (Connection, Embodiment, Feeling)
2) Warrior Power (Discipline, Courage, Commitment)
3) Magician Power (Intellect, Wisdom)
4) Sovereign Power (Leadership, Order, Clarity)

Providing you with a clear map to navigate through life with more ease and maturity.

Run as a 5-Day men's retreat, this is a chance for men to come together to discuss the pressures we face, the gifts we can bring into the world and how we are stronger together as a collective group of brothers. You’ll be able to share and discuss openly with like-minded men in a safe, confidential and supportive environment.

Are you ready to make this commitment to yourself?

What’s included


• Pre-Retreat Questionnaire

• Pre-Retreat Information Pack

• Pre-Retreat Study Recommendations



• All activities during the retreat, including daily circles, process work, specific methods, yoga, meditation, etc.

• 3 vegetarian meals per day, plus unlimited teas and light snacks.

• All rooms are Single Occupancy.

• 2-3 Hours per day to yourself for reflection, contemplation, rest, or walks in nature.

• Free exclusive use of Avalon - A state of the art wellbeing centre (including Pool Suite and PT Studio).



• Post-Retreat Resource Pack.

• Post-Retreat Online Reunion Call (Approx. 2 weeks later).

• WhatsApp Group Support.

• Entry into the wider Men Without Masks Community.

• Regular updates on all future Men Without Masks events and services.

About Craig White

I have been fascinated by Human Behaviour and Performance for over 25 years. During this time I have served as a High-Performance Mentor, an Elite Sports Coach, having coached at International Level in Professional Rugby Union, been a Life Coach, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, and a Business Owner. My family think I'm a bit crazy and I thank my mother for allowing me to 'fly'!

What I love more than anything else in life is sharing. Teaching, coaching, holding space for groups, and mentoring are my highest values, the way I live my life. Its why I get out of bed in the mornings, I also love to travel and swim in cold rivers.

Information, Pricing and booking

Learn more about the retreat and book your place at the Men Without Masks website:

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