Profound Rest

7 Day Retreat

27th June - 3rd July 2022

Arrival 4pm Monday, checkout 2pm Sunday.

Profound Rest Retreat is a collaboration between Paris Ackrill Co-founder of Avalon Wellbeing Centre and Cornelius O'Shaughnessy founder of Bodhimaya - a 6-night immersion within the exquisite sanctuary of Broughton in Yorkshire providing an opportunity for a deep reset. With 3-days of silence and supportive practices to unwind the mind-body and to ignite the soul, this journey is designed for you to rest and revel in the fullness of your true nature, helping you move you into a deep state of coherence and embodied peace.

"The Sun must also rise in you for the light to disperse the darkness."

Sri Anandamayi Ma

"...this journey is designed for you to rest and revel in the fullness of your true nature, helping you move you into a deep state of coherence and embodied peace."

Broughton Sanctuary

The Broughton Hall Sanctuary is a field of transformation. A field beyond religion, politics, gender and culture where we can come together, open our hearts and trust in the inner force for good that wants to emerge in all of us. Our 3000 acre Sanctuary has been in the Tempest family for over 900 years and during this time we have seen the Estate go through its own transformational process. We have come from a typical agricultural community to a community that is dedicated to recovering and supporting nature.

Profound Rest and the Path to Enlightenment

After the experience we have all had over the last two years, and as the world lurches from one crisis to another, we all feel the need to step away and find peace. Not relaxation, not de-stressing, not a holiday, but deep and profound rest.

This intensive retreat is designed to bring the mind into a state of profound rest. 

But what is rest?

Rest not only gives us peace in amongst our troubles and deep relaxation for the mind, it does something far more mysterious and enlightening, it allows us to see reality more clearly.

Religions, philosophies, and paths are an attempt to understand, realise and connect with the true nature of reality. At their culmination, every path to enlightenment brings us to the perception of reality as it is, beyond our ideas about it. This happens because the mind is bought into a state of profound rest and silence. In this rest and silence our mind bursts through the limitations of our thinking, beliefs, and ego into a deep, mystical, and incommunicable union with life.

During this retreat we will bring the mind to deep rest and silence through meditation, enquiry, uprooting resistance and grasping, letting go of desire, allowing suffering to crumble by bathing in wisdom and by turning the mind inwards towards the simple experience of awareness and this present moment.

By the end of this retreat, you will see that profound rest isn’t just something you are craving because you are stressed, you are yearning for it because it is the way home.

Retreat Process

The first few days of the retreat will prepare you to move into three days of deep and delicious silence, Thursday – Saturday. You will of course be able to ask questions and speak about any necessary practical issues. You will be encouraged to switch off technology and truly immerse yourself in the experience. 

The retreat journey will include meditations and Q&A with Cornelius, yin yoga, somatic flow, alchemy crystal bowl sound baths with Paris, time to unwind in Avalon’s state-of-the-art facilities and Pool Suite, forest bathing with Liz Dawes, guided walks, kirtan with Nitya Mukta, wild swimming and woodland sauna experience, delicious naturopathic plant-based food, opportunities for individual therapies and more!

Example Day

*Please note the schedule is not set and may change.


Tea and fruit available in library

7am – 8:30am

Somatic Flow / Yin Yoga

8:30am – 9:30am


10am - 12pm


12pm – 1pm

Unwind Time

1pm – 2pm


2pm – 4pm

Unwind Time / Pool Suite / Individual Therapies

4pm – 5pm

Alchemy Crystal Bowl Sound Bath / Yoga Nidra

5pm – 6pm


6:30pm – 7:30pm


7:30pm – 9:30pm

Unwind Time / Pool Suite

About the Facilitators

Paris Ackrill

Paris is committed to a path of self-realisation and inner evolution which is based on welcoming both the divine and human aspects of ourselves. In this way can begin to truly know and befriend ourselves, to intimately know our humanness alongside awakening to our extraordinary divine nature. Paris wholeheartedly believes that the more we can embody peace, the more we can share it out in the world. Holding space to explore new fields of reality and connect to the fire of our sacred presence through meditation, movement and sound… to assist in heart-mind coherence and connection with our innate wisdom.

Cornelius O’Shaughnessy

Cornelius has studied the mind, meditation and Eastern philosophy for over 26 years and has deep insight into some of the more complex and misunderstood aspects of Eastern philosophy and meditation. What he teaches is regarded as the most direct path to enlightenment. It is an ancient, intense and immersive method of self-realisation that uses wisdom and insight to change the way people see themselves, others and the world around them. The knowledge and experience he has gained over the years has given him a deep insight into the human condition and a unique ability to help others find peace of mind.

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Pricing, Accommodation and Booking

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For those with limited income, please get in touch to enquire about our concessionary rates. 
For those with Limited Income

The Avalon Foundation is committed to providing wide-reaching transformation. Through the Avalon Foundation we provide concessionary rates for students, those with lower incomes or those living in difficult situations. Please contact us for more information and to apply.