The Reset Code

Transformational fully immersive day retreat designed to reset your body mind and soul

Friday 28th October 2022


When was the last time you deeply explored your personal story and compassionately questioned the beliefs held within it?


We all tell ourselves a story about who we are. Is yours an empowering story that supports and encourages your wellbeing? Or Is it self-limiting, critical or unkind in some way? Perhaps it’s a story that just needs some refinement, rather than a complete rewrite.

Whatever your story, the more times you tell it, the more you will believe it. And by believing it, you will unconsciously shape your life around it.

How would your life be different if you could begin to evolve your story?

The team at Euprenity know that meaningful change happens when all parts of us are willing. Your mind wants to make sense of what’s happening; your body needs to feel safe to allow the shift; and at the deepest level, you have to really want it. The Reset Code - an approach to personal growth offered by Euphrenity - honours these parts and allows new stories to be told.

From the moment you arrive you will be preparing for a challenging experience - full body cold water immersion with your fellow retreat attendees.

Before entering the beautiful lake at Avalon, you will first be guided through a day of self-discovery, with the following themed sessions:


Theory based learning delivered by Lisa Upton - Performance Coach, Hypnotherapist, Mental Health Practitioner and self-proclaimed “Neuro Nerd”.

Lisa will share with you the mechanics of the human psyche and how we don’t have to be at the mercy of our thoughts - instead we can become the alchemist of our own minds.


A range of meditation and movement practices delivered by Louise Harris - Holistic Wellbeing Coach, Yoga Teacher, and Shamanic Healer.

Louise will share tools that foster deep connection with our intuition, bringing you out of the mind and into your powerful body. Breath work, meditation and movement will allow for feeling into and releasing anything that is not serving your highest potential - creating more space in your physical, energetic, and emotional body.


Integrative Psychotherapist Adam Laidler will gently guide you and help you discover the essence of who you are, what is driving you and what might be potentially holding you back.

Adam will invite you to attune to different parts of yourself using compassion, curiosity and courage. His guided sessions facilitate deep self-exploration, insight and connection.

Towards the end of the day, the cold water will gift you with an embodied feeling of challenging the beliefs you hold about yourself, whilst simultaneously creating new ones.

Attendees can expect a gentle and lightly challenging format, where space is held for deep self-exploration and integration.

The Reset Code is perfect for anyone who wants to experience the mind-body connection, transcend the stories of the mind, and better understand how to maintain positive mental health and wellbeing.

Whilst this day is offered as a standalone retreat, if you have experience of mental health challenges or wellbeing concerns, you will also gain a glimpse into what to expect on the extended Reset Code experience in October.

After registering for the retreat, you will receive a questionnaire inviting you to share your intentions and objectives for the day. This is so the group experience can be tailored to be truly transformational.

"Maybe the journey is not so much about becoming anything, maybe it!s about unbecoming everything you thought you were in order to become the person you were meant to be in the first place."

Paulo Coelho

The Facilitators

Lisa Upton

Transformational Wellbeing Coach and Founder of Euphrenity

Louise Harris

Holistic Wellbeing Coach and Founder of The Mindful Being

Adam Laidler

Integrative Psychotherapist

Pricing and Booking

Investment: £133

Date: Friday 28th October 2022

Time: 9.30am - 4.30pm

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