Science and Consciousness

The Wyrd World of Mind and Matter

14th - 18th November 2021

  • Have a direct experience of your mind influencing the world around you with technology developed at Princeton University
  • Take part in a Remote Perception experiment where you send and receive information from other people outside of time and space
  • Meet Brenda Dunne who managed the lab for the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research, hear her story of the 28 year program and the conclusions she has drawn about the nature of reality
  • Meet and engage with other scientists and researchers in the domain of consciousness studies
  • Learn how we are fundamentally interconnected and why that is so critical for our times today
  • Enjoy the beautiful and transformative Broughton Sanctuary, with its stunning nature and transformational Avalon spa and retreat centre

As the latest science is demonstrating and ancient wisdom traditions have long stated, interconnectedness is a fact and we humans are deeply connected to the world around us. Our ability to both understand, experience and engage co-creatively with the rest of the Earth’s expression is critical to our successful navigation of this great transition, with increasing wholeness, vitality and resilience. Bridging the traditionally polarised worlds of consciousness and science is critical if we are going to bring holistic understanding and practice into the mainstream.


The defining challenge that humanity faces is remembering that interconnectedness with each other and the rest of life on Earth. Over a period of 28 years Brenda Dunne and Bob Jahn carried out experiments at Princeton University to explore how we interact non-locally with the world around us – from picking up information to impacting otherwise random events with our intention. They proved beyond statistical doubt that we are indeed interconnected at the informational energetic level, and can interact outside of the standard parameters of time and space. Their findings radically disrupt the absolutism of the mainstream scientific paradigm and illustrate how the teachings of many of the wisdom traditions can now be validated through scientific research.


Broughton Sanctuary now hosts the equipment that was used for that research at Princeton and is making it available for visitors to experience first-hand how their heart and mind directly impact the world around them. Brenda Dunne will be joining this event to tell us the story of the research and give us a tour of the actual equipment used. Joining Brenda will be some of the world’s top scientists, academics and practitioners to share how their work backs up what they discovered at Princeton – that we are fundamentally connected with the world around us.

This conference will include talks and discussions with these leading authorities in the field, as well as experiential exercises using the latest technology and interaction with the beautiful natural surroundings at Broughton. Join us as we tell and experience the story of our interconnectedness, from new science to ancient wisdom – and together build the worldview and practices that will enable us all to thrive into the future.

Speakers, experts and facilitators

  • Brenda Dunne, headed the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research, founder International Consciousness Research Laboratories (ICRL)
  • Dr. Jeff Dunne, Director of ICRL
  • Dr. Amir Aman Hagos, Former Minister of Health, Ethiopia
  • Dr. Peter Merry, Ubiquity University, author, founder Institute for Science and Consciousness, co-founder The Wyrd Experience
  • Paris Ackrill, founder Avalon, co-founder The Wyrd Experience
  • Dr. Vasileios Basios, Senior Research in Physics and Complex Systems
  • David Lorimer, Science and Medical Network, Galileo Commission
  • Dr. Brian Bates, author The Way of Wyrd, Academic (tbc)
  • Dr. Calen Rayne, founder of Earth Shamans
  • Nish Dubashia, author The Unity of Everything, researcher in comparative religion and mysticism
  • Jan Bonhoeffer, founder of Heart Based Medicine (tbc)
  • Heart Math Institute (tbc)
  • Yanling Duan, BlockBase Davos
  • Dr. Jack Hunter, University of Wales, Parapsychology and Nature
  • Wolfhardt Janu (expert in consciousness technology)

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