Science and Consciousness
2023: Wyrd Time

Sunday, November 19th to Thursday, November 23rd, 2023

Wyrd Scientists Awarded Prize by Institute of Noetic Science for showing how consciousness exists beyond the brain! Hear all about it and meet them in-person at Science and Consciousness 2023!

Course Description:

Following the success of the first two events of Science and Consciousness in 2021 and 2022, it is happening again in 2023, this time with a focus on the wyrd nature of time. What are the conditions under which we experience time in a non-linear way? How can we explain those experiences? What is the relevance of wyrd time to making a positive difference in the world?

Wyrd is the Anglo-Saxon concept for the interconnected web of all things, and was very familiar to the people who lived in Yorkshire, the home for the event. As the latest science is demonstrating and ancient wisdom traditions have long stated, interconnectedness is a fact and we humans are deeply connected to the world around us. Our ability to both understand, experience and engage co-creatively with the rest of the Earth’s expression is critical to our successful navigation of this great transition, with increasing wholeness, vitality and resilience. Bridging the traditionally polarised worlds of consciousness and science is critical if we are going to bring holistic understanding and practice into the mainstream.

The defining challenge that humanity faces is remembering that interconnectedness with each other and the rest of life on Earth. Over a period of 28 years Brenda Dunne and Bob Jahn carried out experiments at Princeton University to explore how we interact non-locally with the world around us – from picking up information to impacting otherwise random events with our intention. They proved beyond statistical doubt that we are indeed interconnected at the informational energetic level, and can interact outside of the standard parameters of time and space. Their findings radically disrupt the absolutism of the mainstream scientific paradigm and illustrate how the teachings of many of the wisdom traditions can now be validated through scientific research.

Broughton Sanctuary now hosts the equipment that was used for that research at Princeton and is making it available for visitors to experience first-hand how their heart and mind directly impact the world around them. Join some of the world’s top scientists, academics and practitioners to share how their work backs up what was discovered at Princeton – that we are fundamentally connected with the world around us.

This conference will include talks and discussions with these leading authorities in the field, as well as experiential exercises using the latest technology and interaction with the beautiful natural surroundings at Broughton. Join us as we tell and experience the story of our interconnectedness, from new science to ancient wisdom – and together build the worldview and practices that will enable us all to thrive into the future.

This course qualifies for 4 credits for enrolled Ubiquity Students.

"The most enlightening course I’ve ever been on. Connection between Science & Consciousness is the way forward….. Go and get involved!”

Speakers, experts and facilitators for 2023

Dr Marc Wittmann

Researcher on time perception.

Dr David Vernon

Researcher and professor in Neuropsychology, Brain and Mind and Anomalous Cognition.

Dr Paula Petry

A shamanic journey through time.

Jim Hickman

Early pioneer in parapsychology and Soviet-US relations.

Dr. David Luke

Associate Professor of Psychology, University of Greenwich; Honorary Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Psychedelic Research, Imperial College London.

Dr. Krista Stanley

Medium; will run a dream group.

Prof. Bernard Carr

Professor of mathematics and astronomy at Queen Mary University of London.

Kirsty Allan

PhD student in exceptional human experiences.

Dr Steve Taylor

Author on time, lecturer.

Dr. Wolfhardt Janu

Inventor and expert in consciousness technology.

Dr. Peter Merry

Ubiquity University, author, co-founder The Wyrd Experience.

Dr. Jeff Dunne

Director of ICRL.

Prof. Chris Roe

Northampton University, President of the Society for Psychical Research.


Former nuclear physicist, scientist, author, scholar, and teacher of yoga and meditation.

HH Khedrupchen Rinpoche

Founder and incumbent President of Khedrup Foundation, Head of Sangchen Ogyen Tsuklag Monastery.

Dr. Vicente Arraez

Intensive Care Units expert, President of Metta-Hospice Foundation, REG project on dying.

Paris Ackrill

Founder Avalon, co-founder The Wyrd Experience.

Dr. Vasileios Basios

Senior Research in Physics and Complex Systems.

Dr. Calen Rayne

Founder of Earth Shamans.

Nish Dubashia

Author The Unity of Everything, researcher in comparative religion and mysticism.

Adam Malone

Use of REG technology to personalise divination in Virtual Reality.

Present in other ways:

Dr. Brenda Dunne

Headed the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research, founder International Consciousness Research Laboratories (ICRL).

This event will challenge you on many levels, and at the same time allow you to ask questions that you have never thought of or dreamed of. You will come away with a different perspective on life.

About Broughton Sanctuary

Science and Consciousness 2023: will be held at the 3000-acre Broughton Sanctuary, situated in the very centre of the UK, in the foothills of The Yorkshire Dales and one of the most picturesque parts of the country. Established in 1097, Broughton Hall has been home to the Tempest family for over 900 years and enjoys a rich history stretching back over the millennium. Surrounding the historic Broughton Hall are formal gardens studded with statues, ponds, parterres and fountains offering a glimpse of 18th century fashion all set against contemporary architecture making the location a truly unique experience. The Broughton Sanctuary is home to one of Britain’s most exciting nature recovery projects, with an extensive tree-planting and rewilding programme. Broughton is a place dedicated to the journey of coming home and rewilding the spirit.


About Avalon Wellbeing

Keeping it Real in a Frantic World will take place in Avalon, the UK’s leading, state-of-the-art wellbeing centre and beating heart of Broughton Sanctuary. This stunning building is based on biophillic (organic) design with sacred geometry and the Fibonacci incorporated throughout. During your stay, you will have the opportunity to experience the unique Pool Suite: a low-chemical swimming pool looking out onto the adjacent woodland, a sauna, a steam room and hydrotherapy pool. There are many places beyond the building itself in the Sanctuary grounds to return to source, from meditation labyrinths, wild swimming reservoirs, a cosmic garden and much more.



You will experience a feeling of ‘blissful seclusion’ yet Broughton Sanctuary and Avalon are well connected in terms of reach:

By Air

Leeds Bradford Airport: 40 minutes (24 miles): 40 minutes
Manchester Airport: 1 hour (55 miles)
Liverpool: 1 hour 15 minutes (69 miles)

By Train

The nearest train station is Skipton, (a 5-minute drive).
Trains from London Kings Cross are approximately 3 hours (direct and with a single quick change at Leeds).

By Car

Driving from London takes between 4-5 hours (traffic dependent).


Broughton Sanctuary, Skipton, Yorkshire, UK, BD23 3AE


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