Shamanic Drum Birthing Workshop

Wednesday 9th March - Sunday 13th March 2022.
12 people maximum.


Our Hearts are very happy to invite you on this 5 day journey into the Yorkshire land to ‘Birth a Shamanic Drum’ with your own hands. The Sacred Instrument whose sound is the Heart Beat of Mother Earth

Birthing your own Drum is not simply about constructing the Drum itself, but also the journey into the deepest parts of body and soul. To the place where we can find the most answers. Join us on this truly life changing experience. We will explore the connection between the process and what we are experiencing in the present moment; how to accept it and to allow it to transform in the process. How to let go of everything that no longer serves us and move into a new positive energy of strength, light, love and truth.

Our sessions will give opportunity to discover spiritual guides, ancestors and power animals. In this way, and together, we will form deeper connections with ourselves; and come to understand and learn how to work with Spirit in a new powerful way. We push past our comfort zone, to be become more of what we truly are and to harbour a true connection with the Mother Earth Heart Beat. This will be a deep journey over five days to let go and to Birth something new into your life through movement, rituals, ceremonies, meditations and much more.

Everything needed for the workshop is included. We will be working inside and outside.


Five full days accommodation in a choice of two beautiful holiday homes. (There is possibility for anyone who would like to come one night before, to do so without additional charge).

Higher Scarcliffe Avalon Sanctuary Stay Holiday Home

Higher Scarcliffe

A 3 bedroom farm house, with two bathrooms, kitchen, separate beds and the garden.

Yellison Avalon Sanctuary Stay


A four bedroom farm house with 4 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms with separate beds, kitchen and garden.

Food & Relaxation

Fully qualified chefs cooking 3 hot, vegetarian meals per day for you, from local ingredients. Opportunity to use Sauna, Steam and Pool Suite everyday after our work if you will feel.

Sacred Ceremonies

Sacred ceremonies led by Marcin and Marzena + a couple of close friends who will support us on this workshop:

  • Sacred Fire Ceremony
  • Walking a Labyrinth Ceremony
  • Sacred Sweat Lodge Ceremony
  • Breath Ceremony

Working With Our Bodies Through Movement

  • Shamanic Dance Journey
  • Dancing with the Shadow Ritual
  • Trance Dance
  • Osho Dynamic Meditations

Shamanic Rituals

  • Shamanic journey
  • Journey to meet your power animal
  • Ancestors connection


...and much more depending on where Spirit decides to take us…

Further Info

Please contact Marcin directly if you would like to join the journey or have any questions about the workshop. There is very limited number of 12 people for this workshop only, so please book your place as soon you can to avoid disappointment.

Please note that this Workshop is 100% free of alcohol, drugs and any plant medicine, we will be working only with our Body, Heart and Spirit.

This workshop is for everyone who feels called for this journey. Suitable for anyone who is just starting on their shamanic journey as well as experienced people, teachers, workshop leaders who are looking to go deeper. This workshop will be fully led by myself, Marcin, with the help of my beloved Marzena Wlodarczyk meaning you will be in a very balanced and safe space - cared by Sacred Masculine and Feminine energy all the time.

We are very much looking forward to seeing you all.

Contact number : +44(0)7481 820 160


About Marcin

I offer Shamanic Drum and Rattle Birthing ceremonies and workshops across England and Europe; as well as founding "Wild Man Dance" a Shamanic dance for men. I’ve been on this path for many years now harnessing a deep connection to Nature Spirits and Heart. I am grateful to be able to share my knowledge with people from all over the globe and to hold space for the Shamanic work the world needs. I work closely with the Heart Beat of Mother Earth through the sound of my Drums as well as Birthing Drums for people. I believe the sacred sound of every Drum brings the sacred melody of Life to our planet. I live a simple life with my family on a farm in Yorkshire, every day going forward with new experiences, lessons and never-ending journey on myself. For more info on my work, click here.

About Marzena:

For over 12 years I have been working with numerology and cards. In my healing work I am always deeply connected with the Spirit of Power Animals.
I live on a farm in Yorkshire with my family where I create Shamanic Medicine Drums and Rattles. I also hold space for Women's Circles and Cacao Ceremonies. For 20 years I have been working as a guardian of wild, exotic and domestic animals. I am holistic horse physiotherapist, holding meditations and yoga with horses. The most important thing in my life and work is connection with Nature and the Elements. Forever grateful for every Being I meet on my path. For more info on my work, click here.

Contacts & Price

Price: £2200

Please contact to secure your place, pay deposit and get payment plan details.*

*please note that deposits are non refundable, but can be use in any of Marcins next workshops.