The Magic of Winter’s Gift

with Lilley Harvey, Peacock Tree Yoga

Day Retreat: Saturday 22nd January

How do you usually feel in January? Disheartened? Cold? Fed up? Does it feel like the month goes on FOREVER?

This magical, soul replenishing workshop restores faith and hope in the bleakest of months. Kindling a creative spark in the depths of winter so that your fire is able to shine brighter than ever in 2022. With a beautiful yoga workshop (including fabulous flows and guided meditations), warming nutritious food and a fabulous time relaxing in the Pool Suite – this truly is a perfect day.

Do you dread the winter? Is ‘getting through it’, the best you can hope for? Let’s consider a different perspective and embrace the root power of nature’s wisdom. Let’s consider winter as a kind gift. Let’s notice how quiet winter is, how gently she points us in her soft way towards our inner self, towards a time of peace and reflection, embracing the darkness and forgiving, accepting and loving our past selves for all that we have been through. Let’s consider winter as gently holding us in her arms, in a time of cosy hibernation, allowing our tired limbs and burdened minds to rest. Allow the magic of deep winter to hold you and emerge transformed.

From the moment you arrive, this inspirational day will begin to restore you, so you’re able to emerge stronger, wiser and able to vision wonderful things for yourself in the Tiger Year of 2022. This beautiful day isn’t about striving or galvanising any kind of action – there’s plenty of time for that in the Spring, this is about inviting in power and beauty, acceptance and gentleness, when all around you is cold and hard. Come and be part of the high vibrational energy - giving yourself a luxurious and magical experience in the depths of winter.

The Magic of Winter's Gift

From 9.15am:
Arrival, snuggle up with warming drinks in the front of the fire.
10am - 12pm:
Yoga workshop in the Nest studio.
Lunch, wholesome and delicious vegetarian lunch in the restaurant.
1.30pm - 3.45pm:
Pool Suite session, luxuriate and relax.
4pm - 5pm:
Closing ceremony at the Fire Temple.
Home time:
Returning to your life a restored version of yourself.

Contacts, Booking and Pricing

Our Day Retreat on Saturday the 22nd of January will be held here at Avalon in the Yorkshire Dales, a magnificent venue that aligns with our values on transformation. For more information and to book your place please email us on or call +44(0)7772 706 736

Retreat price:  £165pp

Payments to be made by Bacs to:

Peacock Tree Yoga Ltd | Santander
09-01-29 | 33869885