Yoga & Healing Retreat & Mickey Monroe and Mindful Escapes


Sunday 5th – Thursday 9th March 2023, Broughton Sanctuary, Yorkshire, UK

A retreat is not an escape, it’s not a place to hide

A retreat is a space of discovery, of exploration, to remember who you really are, and how you can live. During these five days you will find your flow, transitioning away from the noise of what we call modern living. Anxiety, worries, self doubt, loss and fatigue from the burnout of “everything” will be released.

About the retreat

All the thinking has been done for you. Complimenting the yoga, meditation and healing schedule is an opening fire ceremony, cold water forest swimming and outdoor sauna. In addition there is full moon bathing and forest walks. Our retreat programs are thoughtfully balanced, subtlety moving from one space to the next physically, emotionally and spiritually.

In addition to all-over physical health and improved brain function, we help to ease worry and doubt that create anxiety, fatigue and low self worth to leave you with a deeper sense of happiness and joy. This all helps the relationships with yourself, your family and the people around you improve.

The continued healing energy will permeate your system for up to four weeks after you leave the retreat. There is no prerequisite to join this experience. Surprise yourself, learn new ways of moving, new ways of being through the practice of yoga, meditation and breathwork, unlock blocked energetic pathways and thought patterns with Pranic Healing.

"Our retreat programs are thoughtfully balanced, subtlety moving from one space to the next physically, emotionally and spiritually."


Meet the coach - Mickey Monroe

Mickey’s goal is to help people thrive by living better lives at work, home or play! Starting from the inside out.  Mickey is a teacher who encourages and inspires her students to reach their full potential. Her unique, avant garde approach to wellbeing leads to increased productivity and creativity in all aspects of life. She has over 30 years’ experience in wellness, human resources and training with an emphasis on improving happiness, wellbeing, stress and anxiety management.

An International Yoga Alliance certified Vinyasa and Yin Yoga teacher, Macrobiotic Kushi Institute Practitioner and advanced Pranic Healer. Her dedication to the practice has formed a unique teaching style that is bold and empowering.

An authentic charismatic ambassador for healthy living, Mickey lives a life where there are no limits. Combining her love of healthy living she returned to modelling at the age of 51 after a 25 year gap. Restarting a successful career in the 80’s as a model in Tokyo, Paris, Milan, Los Angeles, New York and London, fronting the covers of i-D Magazine, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan and the closing copy of 80’s iconic magazine Honey, to now a face for over 50’s women. Mickey has been featured in commercials for Marks and Spencer, John Lewis and Schwarzkopf, to name a few.

Glamour and high-octane environments are a fun arena but Mickeys passion is to be able to help others reach their full potential.


Day 1 Sunday March 5

2.00 ARRIVAL Open Space for arrival, coffee & tea available.

4.00 CHECK IN rooms will be available

4.45 OPENING FIRE CEREMONY: walking through the gate of transformation, fire circle. Introductions, a sharing opportunity. Cleansing Chanting with OM, powerful cleansing through the emotional, mental, physical planes

Walk back through the woods, enjoy the fresh air and beautiful Broughton estate. Weather permitting, alternative yoga at Avalon if its raining

Day 2 Monday March 6

07.00 SILENT MORNING, allowing a space for reflection, yogi tea and hot lemon water

07.30 CHANTING MEDITATION a guided pranic healing meditation

08.30 DYNAMIC YOGA fire up the energy. Strong physical energising practice with Mickey

10.00 BRUNCH

13.00 COLD WATER SWIM AND SAUNA , cleansing preparation for full moon


Time Out, relax, opportunity for a pre booked treatment at Avelon, healing session with Mickey

18.00 DINNER

19.30 Pranic Healing group meditation, with powering energising channelling on projects, hopes and dreams for the future, more than manifesting,,,make it happen!! This will happen outdoors at the stones weather permitting

Day 3 Tuesday March 7


07.30 CHANTING, MEDITATION in the Hall

08.30 BREATHWORK & YOGA Avalon Wellbeing Energising practice

10.30 BRUNCH

12.30 TIME OUT Opportunity to book a treatment, or healing with Mickey. Relax enjoy the indoor pool and sauna


16.00 YIN YOGA Avalon Deep relaxation practice


Evening walk to sacred stones, stargazing walk with Mickey

Day 4 Wednesday March 8

07.00 SILENT MORNING, allowing space for reflection, yogi tea and hot lemon water


08.30 YOGA POWER Lifting up the energy to the surface, a fun liberating practice

10.00 BRUNCH

12.00 MOON BATHING due to the time of year we have scheduled this in here rather than the late afternoon or evening


TIME OUT Relax, opportunity for a pre booked treatment. Enjoy the Avelon pool and sauna, explore the grounds. Opportunity for healing session with Mickey

19.00 DINNER PARTY IN HALL DINING ROOM Last supper, dress up dinner with mock-cocktails – please note this is an alcohol free retreat

Day 5 Thursday March 9

07.00 SILENT MORNING, allowing a space for reflection, yogi tea and hot lemon water


08.30 VINYASA YOGA a grounding but spiritually uplifting practice…go home on a high!

10.00 BRUNCH

Checkout at 10, have brunch then at leisure until 12 NOON.


Price from £2,650.00
Per person based on single and double occupancy.
Price includes accommodation, all meals (no alcohol as this is an alcohol free retreat)

We understand you may be coming from different locations so we have have not included the flights or transfers to give you the flexibility to book your own transport from the most convenient location. This also means you can use air miles or other rewards. If you would like us to arrange transportation we would be happy to do this for you.

We can also arrange additional nights pre or post the retreat.