Visions for the Future

Visions for the Future

Together we sit at the advent of a great shift in our collective journey. There exist crucibles in history when the conditions appear for a transformational age. What is now breaking down and what is breaking through? What is being released? What is being embraced? Will societal renewal take shape as revolution or reformation? Will extinction outpace Renaissance? These are powerful questions asked at pivotal moments in our evolution on Earth. Our nature is nature and yet our stewardship of the planet and all known life has been impoverished. What is true prosperity? Are our systems coherent and adequate to sustain life?

Following Spring Leap 2020 - our first gathering of this kind - Visions for the Future is structured as a wisdom forum, a journey from wellbeing and connectedness to regenerative transformation and welldoing. We believe that beyond the old paradigms, polarisation, and single-issue fixations lies a vast reserve of intelligence that is commensurate with the challenges facing our civilization. The world falters, and in this moment we can choose to see the world as crumbling or as undergoing a rebirth. Together, we wish to liberate our vision to take responsibility for the dream of the world.

It is therefore our great pleasure to invite you to participate in Visions for the Future from Wednesday, October 27 to Sunday, October 31, 2021, a four day retreat - an alternative Davos on one level - during which we will put our minds and beings together to help shape a future in which all life flourishes. We will have ten visionary facilitators coupled with our hospitality team making sure everybody is well supported.

We believe that with your experience, insight, and position in the fabric of human society the gathering would greatly benefit from your contribution. We look forward to welcoming you to these four days with a community of conscious change agents, opinion leaders, and sense-makers seeding cultural Renaissance.

Avalon Fire Temple

Ask Yourself:

  • What if we could see the potential we have to shape the future?
  • What is preventing us from transforming how we live right now?
  • What if our economy grew hand-in-hand with abundance, peace, and thriving ecosystems?
  • How can each of us help give form to the more beautiful world that is emerging?
  • How can each of us access our version of the spiritual in order to find a sense of purpose in life?

We will be coming together to reflect on these questions and explore our most potent answers, guided by some of our clearest visionaries and grounded deep in the magnificent moorlands and meadows of Yorkshire.

Visions for the Future will take place at the Broughton Sanctuary, a place of distinguished spiritual heritage that has emerged as a house of transformation in the contemporary landscape of regeneration. Its ambitious and integrative rewilding project - 230,000 native tree saplings planted over the last year - will also provide a living model of ecological harmony and vitality.

Please also note our invitation to support scholarship attendees. It is vital that we have diversity of voice, experience, and insight, and our outcomes need to be authentic expressions that go beyond economic power.

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Nurtured at Broughton Sanctuary

Visions for the Future is hosted by Avalon, the first completely purpose-built wellbeing center of its kind in the UK at the heart of the Broughton Sanctuary. Whether dining in the cosmic garden, gathering in the biophilic practice studios, bathing in the surrounding native woodlands, or sitting together in the handcrafted fire temple, the thoughtful design of the setting will support us on our quest. The surrounding 3,000-acre nature sanctuary will hold us as we reconnect with the living world and learn from its creativity.

We look forward to welcoming you to Visions for the Future.
Visions for The Future — Broughton Sanctuary — October 27 to 31, 2021
The Visions for The Future Team
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