We are very proud to be officially announcing the launch of …

We are very proud to be officially announcing the launch of our tree planting project this season in partnership with the White Rose Forest. This planting scheme is the largest in England this year and it marks the start of an exciting rewilding project on our Sanctuary ✨

Our Nature Recovery Programme is a heartfelt commitment to address one of our deepest contemporary crises – our lack of harmonious co-existence with the Earth – an issue causing mass extinction of species across the globe as well as a deep lack of belonging for humanity. We feel it is our duty to leave the land in a much healthier condition for generations to come and aim to demonstrate how humans can live in a more fruitful and positive partnership with the land, in a way which helps both nature and humanity to truly flourish. We are extremely grateful for all the expert advice we have received from Professor Alastair Driver, Matt Taylor, Wayne Scurrah and @r.preston.garden.design ✨

As well as aiming to increase biodiversity and health and wellbeing opportunities for people, this nature recovery, along with the tree planting, will also deliver a wide range of other benefits to society including improving air, water and soil quality and protecting communities further down the Aire river valley as far as Leeds from future damaging flooding events. Thanks to @DefraGovUK for funding our project through Trees for Climate, and @ForestryComm & @EnvAgency for their continuing support ✨

For more information on what we are doing, and how we are doing it then please visit our website to follow our journey ✨

Thank you to @studiortr and @coljlloyd for capturing one of our community planting days ✨

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