‘Your Star Will SHINE’ - Your Life Beyond Addictions

Teacher: Emma Slade

A residential transformational experience where you will dive deeply into awareness, expression, connection and freedom.

2 - 5 August 2019

See How It’s Never Enough

Joy Provision's signature process – your life beyond addictions. Whatever you use to distract yourself from your diamond essence, the true you. You'll look at why you do what you do and how to do it differently.


Led by therapist and supervising Hoffman Process Facilitator Emma Ferguson, CBT and addictions therapist Steve McGrane and former Hoffman Process facilitator and solution focussed therapist Sam Cotton.

What You'll Do

- Learn about how and why you do what you do
- Understand your addictions and behaviours
- Wake up through a series of new inspirational experiences
- Tool yourself up so choice is possible
- Get connected to yourself, others, and spirit
- Become much more functioning, funky and fun
- Experience an embodiment of the 12 steps

"Just came back from S.H.I.N.E at Broughton Hall facilitated by the fabulous Emma Ferguson and Porl Thorley Ryder of Joy Provision. If you are looking to find peace and self-acceptance on the other side of anxiety and compulsive behaviours and patterns then DO THIS. If you are just starting out in your "self" work this will make a lot of sense and help you make a great start, but if you have already done a whole lot of things then you will find that this workshop will draw all your strands together, leaving you to feel cohesive, committed and calm." - Grania, Model & Showjumper

Choose joy and SHINE

2 - 5 August 2019 at the Broughton Hall Estate